ReadToGo and DAISY audio books from external sources?

iOS & iPadOS
Dear all, I had a listen to the interesting podcast the other day which explained how to load DAISY audio books into the ReadToGo app. I understand that the podcast presenter was loading the DAISY audio books directly from the Australian DAISY audio book library and could listen to them directly on his ReadToGo app. However, I am in the United Kingdom and can only get the DAISY files from the CD's sent through the post from the Royal National Institute of the Blind, there is no direct download service from the RNIB for DAISY audio books. I would appreciate someone (probably David Woodbridge if he is happy) to provide me with a step-by-step procedure of how to get my DAISY books from my lap top as a folder with the DAISY files within into the ReadToGo app without going through iTunes. The way David did it sounded so easy. David, I'm not sure whether Thomas the Tank Engine is quite my style anymore though! Kind regards, Steve.