Radio buttons and legends on voiceover on iOS8

iOS and iPadOS

I've been developing a web form using standards and have noticed the following Voiceover problems on iOS8 that are not present on iOS7 (using Safari on iPhone 6):-

- Text wrapped in a <legend> tag is not recognized or read (we use this for the questions above a group of radio buttons as recommended on accessibility sites)
- Labels that are 'for' an input are not longer linked to them so they work independently and make usability difficult.
- Radio button groups that are wrapped in fieldset are miscounted. We hear things like "Radio button 9 of 5" for example.

Are these problems being encountered by others?

We followed an online example at to try to get things right and I went back to that site when I found out about the iOS problem from a user and exactly the same problems happen there so we know it's not something specific to our site.

Hopefully this gets fixed soon.