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Hi Everyone, So, I created a Twitter account today, and downloaded the Twitter app, but don't know the first thing about how to do anything with it. From what I've heard, everyone loves Twitterrific, and TweetList. So my questions are: I'd like to be notified of new notifications, but I don't think Twitterrific or TweetList gives them right? So should I keep the Twitter app for that reason, or should I delete it, and learn with Twitterrific and/or TweetList? I tried searching for someone on the Twitter app earlier, but I'm not sure if its completely accesdible or not. Could be I'm doing something wrong. is there a podcast on Twitter itself? In short, what's the best app to get the most out of Twitter? Thanks for all feedback, Shane.



Submitted by AnonyMouse on Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Hello Shane,


Sorry for the lack of response by my part. The site was suffering from serious server problems for most of the evening through the late night for me. It appears to be back up and running!


As for your question what should I get as a Twitter client? Boy, that is a tough answer. There is no cout people will say hands down of whatever they use on a daily use. There will be short on that. You will probably get all sorts of answers.


The Twitter native client is currently the only one that I know of that will actually notify you on a timeline notification. All the rest will give you alerts based on DM, Mentions, RT, and such. Nonoe of those will give you say I want all of the tweet from AppleVis only except for the native Twitter client.


The problem with the native Twitter client is that it isn't the nicest, simple, and the cleanest client to use for the visually impaired community.


If you want everything but the kitchen sink and does a great job is Tweetlist. Hands down.


However, with so many things going on with Twitter and they just keep changing the rules on their usage by 3rd party is quite confusing by the all of us.


The most recent mention on AppleVis is the Twitterrific. There are many reasons why people should watch this client closely. Twitterrific has gone under a major overhaul of their coding. Twitter has recently made many changes to their rules and how clients can interact with tweets. So with that here is why I like TWitterrific.


It is very simple, clean and easy to use. No more drilling down all of these pages, tabs, menus and etc to get a task done. The less work I have to do the more time I have to do something else. I just want to get in. Read. RT, reply, DM and such right away and get out. So if you want something basic and simple. Then Twitterrific is for you. Plus, they are always coming out with new features that will no cout make this outshine the rest.


One of the biggest reason I love Twitterrific is the TweetMarker. How many times have you said to yourself. Man, I sure wish it would remember when I left off. Reading the tweets backwards from newest to oldest is not for me. I like to read them in order. Well, Twitterrific will scroll down automatically for you to the last tweet of the last refresh. So when the screen refreshes. I tap towards the center of the page. Boom. I'm right where I left off. Now I can begin flicking to the right. Reading the right order of my tweets. That is one of my biggest reason I love Twitterrific and plus it loads your tweets blazing fast. Lastly, what they have planned for the future on Twitterrific is mind boggling.


So for me. I use Twitter along with Twitterrific for myself.


We have quite a few podcasts if you want to listen for yourself. Michael Hanson has done most of these Twitter client podcasts.


So my recommendation is to give them a listen for yourself. Hopefully, after listening to these podcasts that you will have a better idea of which you want for your need.


A Walk-Through and Demonstration of the Official Twitter App for iOS


TweetList Pro for Twitter: the #1 iOS Twitter Client for VoiceOver Users


Twitterrific for Twitter


AppleVis Extra #4: Twitterrific 5 for Twitter


Hope this helps.


Also, people will probably disagree with me on certain things and that is fine. We are here to express our opinions and please do feel free to help Shane out in what he should consider and why.

The more people help Shane out the more that Shane and others for that matter. Will be able to find that perfect Twitter client for them.


I just hope all of the podcasts that I have provided for you will only help you consider which is best for you!



I haven't actually tried Twitterific as yet. I currently use, and really like, Tweetlist Pro. It seems to do everything you would want it to do, and works a dream with VoiceOver. As Anonymouse said, the Twitter app probably handles notifications best, so I am logged into it too for that reason, but I never actually use it. As for using Twitter more generally, I was a bit daunted at first. Just find a few people to follow (such as AppleVis, friends, news organisations etc.), and go through the lists of who others are following to find more people that would interest you. You'll get the hang of it in no time. I'd also recommend signing in to Twitter in Settings on the iPhone and Mac if you have one, so that you can compose tweets from the notification centre. Enjoy.

Submitted by Shane on Friday, January 25, 2013

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Hi Dave, AnonyMouse, and everyone else that responded, I appreciate all of you, who responded to this question. I'm somewhat, getting the hang of Twitter, but I do believe these podcasts willhelp out a great bit as well. I searched for them on the website, and found the Applevis Extra, but couldn't find the actual podcast that described each Twitter app In full. So thanks for providing these. As always, this is a great site, and I am very grateful for a resource such as this. Shane.

Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Friday, January 25, 2013

the best app is twitterific.

Submitted by Maya on Sunday, April 28, 2013

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Hello all. I would like to kindly ask you for help. I know many people use different apps to access Twitter. I also know each client has its positives and negatives and each of us prefer something else. Would anyone be willing to compare the features of the following Twitter clients? 1. Native Twitter that comes with IOS, 2. Tweetlist, 3. Twitterrific, 4. Tweetbot, 5. any other that is accessible and easy to use. Which of the clients that have been mentioned above support Push notifications and in what way? As far as I know Native Twitter gives push notifications when someone post a tweet while other Twitter clients give push notifications only for direct messages and mentions. Does any client have the feature that is called individual time line in The Qube? To explain it better, The qube has the option here you can view the user's timeline (their tweets and replies). Which client lets you read the tweets from the position where you left? Does any client have the function to clear your time line like you can in The Qube? I know sighted people can do that with Twitterrific, but this function is not accessible with Voiceover. I would be happy to see a twitter client with all mentioned features plus more. Please describe the features that each Twitter client has. I know there are a few podcasts available about Twitter clients, but I am asking just in case so we have described as many as possible features of a twitter client. I would be grateful for any kind of help. Thank you very much in advance.

Submitted by DJHey20 on Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hi Shane. In answer to your question on which Twitter app is the best, I'd say Twitterific. It's been my personal favorite Twitter app, because of how simple and clean the interface is with VoiceOver. And best of all, since it's a paid app, there aren't ads. But also, I like how when you get a new follower, or if someone responds to one of your tweets, you'll get a push notification about it. I've tried several Twitter clients, like Echophone and Tweet List, and I think Twitterific is the winner. I'd definitely recommend it. Hope this helps.

Hi. While we're at twiteriffic, I thought I'd throw this question out here. Is there an easy way of getting the app to refresh any faster than 3 minutes? It might just be something I'm doing wrong, but sometimes when I get a push notification about a reply, I'll go to the replies button but it won't update unless I wait a couple minutes. I figure there has to be a way to get it to refresh a lot faster so if i'm missing something I hope someone could tell me how I can fix this and make the thing show me my tweets a little faster. If I could get it to do that I'd drop my fave of all time which is Echofon. I actually have tweetlist, Echofon and twitteriffic so I'm hoping I can fix this. Thanks.

I personally love tweet list. it is easy to use and the UI is very very stream line. and the devs have problems fixed and are way ahead of the game as far as any other tweet client for ios.

Submitted by Paul Hutson on Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hi all. I just signed up for Twitter last night and trying to learn the ropes of Twitterrific and I'm having a problem sending tweets to others. I only can send them to myself. Could someone tell me how to send a tweet to another person? Would REALLLLY appreciate help with this as I am STUMPPPPPPED! Thanks in advance...Paul. Also, do I select the tweet, mention, or messages option before I type in the compose option?

Hi Paul Hudson, The beauty of Twitter is a social media platform is that, by default, all of Your Tweats are open to the entire Twitterverse. Just compose and post. Your Tweats will be automatically directed to the Streams of Your followers but are discoverable by anyone with a Twitter Account. So, when You ask about sending a message to a specific person, if they follow You then your message will already be in their feed. Additionally, You can tag someone in a Tweat, add their Twitter name into your post (e.g. @Seanoevil00). Doing this will make Your Tweat appear in their Mentions Feed. It’s important to remember that, unless Your Account is locked these Tweats are Public. , Finally, You can direct Message someone. How You do this will depend on Your Twitter Client. A direct message is the equivalent of a Private Message in Facebook, in that it is not discoverable to the public. There are restrictions as to who You can DM. It used to be that You could only DM Tweaps who follow You, but I am not certain whether those restrictions are still in place. As for which AP, which platform do You use? On my iPhone 5 I use the native Twitter Ap, while on my Mac I use Yorufukorou Happy Tweating..!

Submitted by Tangela on Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hi. With twitterrific, you get notifications when you get a new follower, direct message, reply, mention, etc. These are quite accessible. It is also possible to search for someone. To mention someone on twitter, you simply need to type the @ sign followed by their twitter username. Alternatively, you can open the sidebar menu by double tapping the button in the top left corner of the screen, double tap search, type in their name, make sure people is selected as the sort option, double tap their profile and finally double tap the mention button near the bottom. of the screen. Hope this helps. :)

Submitted by Ekaj on Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hello all. Thanks for all these app recommendations. At this point it's unclear whether I'll use any of the commercial ones, due to financial reasons. But that's a topic for another time and place. I wanted to recommend something else which I have been using to access Twitter for about 2 years now. While not a downloadable app, I have found it to work great. It works on Windows and, as I recently found out, the Mac. It is called Easy Chirp, and is accessed by going to . This service was recently updated, and contains some great features. One thing I haven't tried out yet on the Mac is copying and pasting using Easy Chirp. I help with social media for a nonprofit organization based here in Illinois, and one thing I do is post articles to Twitter. There is also Twishort, but I haven't yet checked it out using my Mac. I just got a Mac Book Air after Christmas, and am still figuring things out.

I use twitterific on a dayley bases and twitterific does provide notifications just double tap the side bar then go to settings then go to notifications then turn them on then double tap on done.