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Hi again, all,
In my Iphone, I use the app LIre, as rss feed. and betwwen the scrucriptions there is one, that is the ain sportjournal here in Spain. I know that its so specific but, perhpas the same thing happened e someone with another suscription.. The fact is that a couple of wekks ago, although theoretically LIre says taht I'am subscribed, I don't receive the rss contents. I srote to LIre trhough the app (i sent an email) but i didn't receive any answer, Uses someone this app, and could give me an idea? I love football and now it's an important time with all new palyers etc.
Many thanks again!



Submitted by René Jaun on Thursday, June 13, 2019

In my experience, the most likely cause for this was that the RSS address changed
In particular, many RSS providers recently switched from http to https addresses.
As Lire does not usually self-correct these changes, they‘re enough for news to stop arriving.
So, my recommendation for you would be to simply have lire check for new RSS feeds from the website and then re-subscribe.

If this does not help, it may be an idea to share the actual rss url you and your Lire Setup is using, so we could try ourselves if we get news items delivered.
Good Luck!

Submitted by María on Friday, June 14, 2019

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Goodmorning, Réné:
Many thanks for your answer.
I tried some times cancel my suscriptions lookf for rss on lire and to subscribe again. I will try to find the right rss but, please, if you or someone could try, to see if it's my problem or if it's an rss problem, I wouldthanks you very much. So if you on Lire search "Real Madrid", the second or third result is "marca", it's is the which one which I'm looking for.
Man thanks in advance

Submitted by René Jaun on Friday, June 14, 2019

Here‘s what I did and found:
1) I went to Google and searched for „Real Madrid Marka“
2) From the results, I picked one called “Real Madrid - Ultimas Noticias“ and copied its address:
3) I went into the Lire App and pasted this address into the „Add New Subscription“ Edit Box.
4) Lire now returned two choices for RSS Feeds. I picked the one headed „Real Madrid // Marca“.
This one is listed with the following RSS Address:
5) I subscribed to the feed and refreshed Lire.
6) It returned 36 new items; the newest one was published about 50 minutes ago.

So yes, here everything seems to work fine.
If you could, try copying the RSS Address from my post and paste it into the „New Subscription“ Textbox in the Lire App. Let me know if this one works for you.
If it does not, write to the developer again; because if an RSS feed does work at my side but fails at yours, there is probably something wrong with the app.
Good Luck!

Goodmorning Réné and all,
I tried to follow your advice, but I didn't get it: So I copy the rss adress which you gave me, and I entered into LIre, and I pasted it in the searchbox tu add a news subscription, but, I don't find a boton to add it, I only find, on the right angle at the end, the boton Search, but if I press there, it says me, that is not available, I don't find the boton ok, or add suscription etc, after have pasted the rss adress, so, please, could you tell me how should I do it?.
And how should refresh lire?.
Many thanks again, and ahve a nice saturday and weekend.

Submitted by René Jaun on Saturday, June 15, 2019

Hello! Let‘s try again:
1) copy this URL to the clipboard:
2) open „Lire“; enter „Subscriptions“ and in the top right corner, select „Add Subscription“.
3) Do NOT paste anything manually in the search box.
Lire should discover automatically that there‘s an URL copied in the clipboard and pastes it for you.
So just check if the address is present in the searchbox.
4) Then. Click „Finish“ (or how ever it is translated) in the bottom right corner
Lire should now search that URL.
5) if we are lucky, a list should now appear naming „Real Madrid // Barca“, on which you should be able to double-tap.
If not, please let me know what the error message says.
Good Luck!

Submitted by René Jaun on Saturday, June 15, 2019

Forgot your second question.
To have Lire refresh its subscriptions: Enter an article list or a list of subscriptions.
Perform a three-finger swipe downwards on your screen. Lire should respond saying „Content refreshed“ or similar. If it does not do so, perform the gesture twice in quick succession.

Goodmorning, Réné,
man thanks again for our answer.
Sorry, what clickboard do you mean, and where is it?, so I don't know where should I copy this link which you gave me.
Many thanks again and have a nice Sunday:

Submitted by René Jaun on Monday, June 17, 2019

The clipboard is something like a little memory in which you can copy information. Then, once you‘re in another app, you can access that copied information.
IN our specific case, proceed like this:
1) double-tap AND HOLD this address:
2) A menu should open. In this menu, double-tap the option „Copy“.
Voilà! The URL is now stored in the clipboard.

Now open Lire, enter the +Add Subscription“ dialogue and verify that the same URL is already entered in the search field. Press finish at the bottom right and I hope this will offer you the „Real Madrid // Marca“ feed to subscribe to.
Good Luck!

Hello again, Réné,
I'm very sorry to disturb you and all users again but, I don't get it. So, when I make a dopple tip into this link, it opens Safari, but unfortunatelly, I don't fin any Copy voice, it appears the usual Safari things, so, I have no idea where shoud I copy it, a and where shoud I copy.
Many thanks again, goodnight and have a nice startweek.

Submitted by René Jaun on Monday, June 17, 2019

You misread my instruction: You don‘t need to just double-tap the link.
In Order to bring up the menu containing the „Copy“ Option, double-tap AND HOLD the address.
Which means: On your second tap, don‘t release the finger, but leave it on the screen for about 2 seconds. Then, the menu should appear.

Goodmroning Réné and all,
first at all I'm very sorry for the delay and for disturb yo again with this matter.
So, yess, following your instructions I got enter in the menu and copy the link, infact, it was copied in the lire searchfield, the problem is that in this case I am not be able to find the search botn or finish or nothing, if i scroll on the right or if I go into right botom part of the Iphone, I only see the different suggestion topics, so: news, music, sport, tecnology, etc. so, the different categories, but not the usual boton to say finish, or search, or subscribe so, please, could you help me?.
Many thask again, have a nice day, and a very nice weekend.

Submitted by René Jaun on Friday, June 21, 2019

Well, I‘m glad we are getting closer...
But sadly, I am now not sure how you got into the screen you‘re describing.
Using the Lire App, I think I have never seen a page listing suggestions like News, Music and so on.
Can you describe (stop by step) how you got there?
What did you click after opening the Lire App?
Or: Does anyone else reading this thread have a possible solution?

Hi Réné and everyone,
it's a little bit difficult, but I will try to explain it.
So, when I isntalled lire, in addition to the app (which coast, I tink more or less 7 euro) I bough anohter think for 1,5 euro, I think, I don't remember very well what it was, but I paid it, and I subscribed me to Feedle, and so, when I open LIre, and I go to suscriptions, add a new suscriptions, it appears the search filed, and afterwards, if I go on the right, I find these different categories: news, gadges, tecnology, music, etc.
Usually, when I go into the search field, if I write something, on the botom right side, I find the boton Search, and so, I can read what LIre finds. However, I don't understand why, but this time, when I have into the search field copied this address about Marca, the boton Search doesn't appear and so, I cannot do anything.
So, someone has suggestions, ideas, etc.?.
Man many thanks again.
Best regards:

Hi Maria,
You can find the search after the suggestions. Go to the bottom right of your screen you’ll find the search button..

Submitted by María on Thursday, June 27, 2019

Goodmorning David and all,
if I sweep onthe right after last suggestion (in my case, I think "travels" I dont find anything, nothing more appears, but I will try it again. I really hope to get it. The curious ting is that I have problem only with this subscription, really very strange. So, I will try again, but in each case, many many thanks. I will let you know. Have a nice day