Please help: Music app and locating audio book files

iOS & iPadOS
Dear All, I am now downloading audio books from a library site in the UK by use of the Windows based Overdrive Media console (the books will only download this way and not directly to the I Phone app version of Overdrive Media Console). I know that I have downloaded all the files because Overdrive tells me so but when I go into the Music app on my I phone and hit 'more' tab, followed by the 'audio books' tab and then the book I want to listen to, not all the files are displayed. I have tried a double tap, hold and slide to try and move down but all I get is a page change to my music area. Are there any gestures I can try in order to get access to the rest of the files in the book or does anyone know where the files are? I have tried other music type apps that I've already got, for example 'Audio Citer' and this app has given me a similar list of files for the books I want to listen to but interestingly, this particular app has provided me with one extra file, which I could not display on the 'Music' app i.e. file number 6, whereas 'Music' would only give me files 1 to 5. Help please. Kind regards, Steve.



Submitted by Esther on Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I've never encountered a library OverDrive Media Console audiobook that I couldn't download to iPhone with the iOS app, for libraries in the U.S. However, using the OverDrive Media Console program to transfer the tracks to an iPod predates the iPhone and other iOS devices. What you may not realize is that the downloaded tracks are just MP3 files in a folder,under the OverDrive Media Console application on your computer. You can copy the files and add them to your ITunes library, and treat them as regular MP3 tracks. If you want the to show up in your library as audiobooks, you can use the "Get Info" shortcut of Control-I in Windows or Command-I on a Mac, go to the "Options" pane and change the pop up menu button for "Media Kind" to "Audiobook". You could also create smart playlists to play the audiobook, and also use programs that will join the tracks into a singke audiobook file that supports chapter markers, such as Audiobook Builder by Splasm on the Mac, or Chapter and Verse by Loden Software on Windows. The point Is that you can access these files with the same amount of control as any of your music and audio files, and sync them through iTunes to your iPhone rather than through OverDrive media Console, if this isn't working to your satisfaction. Using iTunes to check on your file transfers is easier to troubleshoot than OverDrive Media Console -- at least on a Mac. On a Mac the folder storing your OverDrive audiobook tracks is ~/Documents/My Media/MP3 Audiobooks/ under the Album name. The location for OverDrive files on Windows depends on the operating system in use. I would check that the individual tracks fully downloaded in OverDrive on your computer, then, if your not getting all the parts transferred to your iPhone using the OverDrive program, I would just add copies of the tracks into iTunes and take direct control of the tag editing and sync to your iPhone.