OPML files and stock podcasts app

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Hi. Is there a way to make an opml file with the stock podcasts app because I am subscribed to a good number of podcasts but want to try out downcast. Thank you.



Submitted by Tarbaby on Saturday, April 25, 2015

I was in your position about a week ago and what I did was go ahead and purchase downcast. You will probably find that the downcast search option will provide you many New interesting podcasts. So for now I just use both apps. And I like them both for their own features. I also picked up Icatcher but haven't looked into it yet.
I read a couple posts here, somewhere, where people sent their OPM file to either email or dropbox and then imported it by opening it with downcast. But I don't remember how they got the OPM file from the stock podcast app.

Yes, you can create an OPML file using iTunes. To do this:
First, open iTunes on your computer, and navigate to podcasts.
Next, press your alt key to open the file menu, and choose export playlist. You will want to make sure that oh PML is selected as the format.
Then, upload the file to one drive, dropbox, or email it to yourself. You just want to make sure you can access its source on your phone.
Once that’s done, go find the file you just made, double tap and hold on it, double tap share, then find the name of the application you want to import into, and double tap it. The process should begin.