Music player with inlined volume control?

iOS & iPadOS

I have an IPad 4th generation. I've loaded a fair amount of music on the unit. I'm perfectly aware of how to play it using the native I O S music app, which by the way, works fantastically. The only question really that I have is, I totally get that Voiceover has audio ducking, where when it's talking, the background audio... in this case, the music... will drop down in volume quite significantly. I confess that I really am not a fan of this approach. I'm not saying it doesn't work, it just sounds very unnatural to me. So, my ultimate question is, are there any apps out there that I could get which would serve as a music player for the stuff I've synced down from my Itunes library on my mac, that would have an inlined volume control? This way, I could leave my music playing in my app switcher in the background, whilst, for example, browsing the web in Safari, or maybe checking Facebook, or E-mail, etc. If this is possible, it really! will increase my productivity useage on the I O S platform. I do a ton already on I O S, but if I could relax listenning to my music while I work... that would take things for me to a whole new level! I just need a way to turn down the music without ducking, while still maintaining the same volume with Voiceover. Is this possible?

Thank you kindly in advance.