Looking for an IOS recording app with gain control

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Using the Blue Yetti to record some D&D sessions I run and finding that even on the lowest gain it still picks up absolutely everything and distorts. On my Mac I use Amadeus Pro to record audio books and turn the gain within the Amadeus Pro right down to about 10 %, and blue yeti physical gain on minimum.

What I'm looking for is an IOS app that will let me set software gain. currently using Just Record which is awesome for the convenience of having all recordings automatically uploaded to iCloud, not so good as it lacks a gain control.

If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.





Submitted by Terenze Yuen on Thursday, May 10, 2018


Was recommended to this site by one of our tester.

I was about to post a question asking how would an iOS / WatchOS app best support Colour Blind users but noticed your post...

Just to mention upfront, I am one of the founders of Noted app but I am here not because to sell. I am here to seek advice on making our app more accessible for everyone.

In short, Noted app records audio and synchronise your recording with each word you type. It has noise reduction and EQ bands for Plus users. But these features do require subscription to support our ongoing commitment on making a good app and expanding into other platforms.

Recordings, notes and time tags are all stored on your iCloud, synchronised across iOS devices.
VoiceOver support and Dynamic Type are supported across the app. We are still working with a few visually impaired testers to continue improving such as adding Rotor search convenience.

Again, I thought Noted "might" fit your needs but if not, sorry and thank you for your time..


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