Looking for IOS app that can skip back and forth through audio by tiny amounts

iOS and iPadOS


Looking for an app which can skip back and forth just a tiny amount so I can sync audio between my iPhone and a movie. Basically I'm trying to listen to an audio described track whilst sighted family watch the non-audio described movie. The problem I'm having is the length of skip on the iPhone which I think is usually about 30 seconds. I can kind of do it with a play pause, listen to a word on the AD track, pause, wait for the movie to catch up and then hit play, but, as I'm sure you can imagine, it's hit and miss. A way of moving through the track in very small increments would be far better.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.





Ah yes, it would appear I've downloaded this before. Unfortunately I can't seem to work out how to change the zoom. I did find the accessibility setting for skipping with a 3 finger swipe though it doesn't seem to work whilst anything is playing. How do I change zoom? sorry to be a div.