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Yay us! Kindle has updated the app once again and still...Nothing. Isn't it lovely? A few weeks ago, after dealing with major computer issues and being unable to read a book due to the lack of kindle pc plug in, I decided to write Amazon a little e-mail. I know, y'all have been there, done that, been knocked off that horse, but I'm a positive thinker. All I wanted was to be heard, to make my point come across. I figured that my upbeat, cute, persona would be the corporate epiphany. Seriously you gotta meet me, people seldom say no to me. Ok I'm kidding, but you get my drift. I thought maybe the constant bitching, and that whole waving fliers around, marching with canes in hands outside their headquarters might have been a little too, "um", well, out-there for Amazon. Either that or I pictured them going home laughing at us as they sipped their imported wine and their glasses of 1000 dollar bubbly. My point is that I thought my from the heart letter might have been better received then the blind protest, although I will admit I wish I could have been there. Guess what? Same shit different day. I wake up today and excitedly download my update, and zilch, nada, zero. Voice over does absolutely nothing. I will give Amazon credit for writing me back. Various executives have responded to my letter multiple times, and assure me of their forthcoming solutions. I was told that soon, the fire will be accessible, but I wasn't given a date due to a lack of authority. Instead I was subtly told to be a sheep and was directed to click their 2012 press release. When I hear soon, I ask myself, what does soon mean exactly? The episode of Phineas and Pherb where Candace freaks out about Jeremy saying I'll call you soon comes to mind. Soon is equal to what? Something squared, orbiting the moon, never? I'm blind, but I don't graze in the hay, follow a herd, nor was I born yesterday. Until I get a concrete date, there is no way in hell that I am spending 150 dollars or more on a possibly accessible device. I work for my pot of gold; I don't go looking for leprechauns and rainbows. Amazon also soothed my troubled mind by assuring me that I was a valued customer and that they would look into implementing my suggestions. What do you think my fellow blindies? If you're as astute as I, you know damn well that credit isn't the same as giving a shit. Thoughts? For instance, why hasn't anyone come up with a work around? I know there are some techy blindys here. Also, why doesn't Kindle partner with bookshare or voicedream. If they need proof of disability for app access, maybe they can use bs membership as proof, or bard services enrollment? IN my letter, I suggested a play button in the app, but I know my suggestions will fall on deaf ears. It's a damn shame because from a digital standpoint, the kindle content is the best. They have things which arn't even available on audible. I did buy a device after all, but, it was only fifty dollars. The Kindle Keyboard is the most accessible thus far, and the way I see it, if they give me minimal accessibility than I'll give Amazon minimal money. I can play hard to get too. Alls well that ends well.