iVoice and Fahrenheit Apps

iOS & iPadOS
After upgrading to iOS7 on my iPhone4, the iVoice app has stoppped working. I have deleted and re-installed the app and it worked once, but no more. Additionally, Fahrenheit will not display the current temperature in the folder name as it use to. I have a Weather folder with 6 apps in it including Fahrenheit. I have Badges turned on and all other settings that I think should be on, but no temp visible or spoken along with the folder name. any suggestions will be appreciated. Repeated messages to iVoice developers are going unanswered.



Submitted by Brooke on Saturday, October 5, 2013

I'm thinking the issue you're having with Fahrenheit is due to the iOS7 bug where Voiceover doesn't read the number of new items in a folder name anymore. I have the App Store app in a folder along with some others, and where it used to say a number along with the folder name, coinciding with the number of new app updates, it doesn't anymore. So I think that's a bug with iOS7 and VO.