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Hello everyone. I'm having a strange issue with my iPhone 13 pro max. I regularly have a problem where tap to wake randomly stops working until I restart my phone. I also just updated the phone and it hasn't fixed it. I am wondering if pro motion has something to do with it? If anyone has had this issue or knows of a solution, pleas let me know. I used an iPhone 12 mini on the same software and this issue doesn't occur which leads me to believe it has something to do with pro motion.



Submitted by Robin on Thursday, November 25, 2021

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Welcome to my world I've had this issue since the arrival of iOS15 in a 12 Pro Max a 13 Pro Max and on a 13 the last of which is running the beta. Your theory was a good one and might be part of it who knows but I've another wrinkle to add to the mix. At first I thought this issue completely random myself until recently. Now I can reproduce it at will at least with my wrinkle. Here are the steps to reproduce and if you can please report it to Apple in hopes of a fix. there is at least my open ticket on the topic. Should you wish to reference my case it's: 101538079367.

Steps to reproduce my version anyway. When tap to wake is still working:

1. find any app or widget and invoke editing apps.

2.Tap on drag this app or delete this app but you don't have to follow through.

3. Immediately stop editing apps.

4. Lock phone.

5. At this point tap to wake should not function.

The Apple Accessibility specialist could reproduce this submitted copious notes and logs on the topic and even did a screen recording with another of her devices to document this as doing a screen recording on the impacted device or device being used for testing would cease when phone was locked thus not serving the purpose. I'm not sure that helps but at least you've company and it isn't just you but was crazy making for sure till I knew the cause of it at least by me anyway. While there is no fix at least I know what seems to cause it here and as you say at least rebooting fixes it at least for a while. Good luck and do join my reporting it to Apple party if you can. Take good care.

Submitted by Alvin on Friday, November 26, 2021

Turn voice over off and on again will fix the problem. Don’t need to power off