iPad mini crashes with Garageband and Facebook

iOS and iPadOS
Hi, I've been looking for something to record stems to send to a friend so he can produce some music for me. Obviously, found garageband. I've noticed, as I noticed on my iPhone 4, garageband can be really laggy when trying to move through menus, and, now on my iPad mini, it has crashed several times. It seems to retain the data of what I have recorded, yet, this really shouldn't happen with an apple own product. I'm guessing the processor may just not be up to the task. Anyone had a similar experience with the mini, the iPhone 4 or the iPad II, all of which, to my knowledge, share the same brain. I'm also having some problems with the Facebook app, but this has always been a bit buggy, it has started to crash though. Each case seems to be when I'm doing a right flick gesture or using my bluetooth keyboard to move through items. Maybe this is an issue with apple producing the low end devices that, for other people are quite satisfactory, though they are not taking into account the extra processing power required for our gabbling little friend. Thoughts? Comments? O