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Has anyone else tried to assign an iOS shortcut to a keyboard or braille display command in the Voiceover settings under all commands? I have been trying to do this since version 13.0 when it became theoretically possible. It has never worked. It still doesn't work for me on iOS 14. I know my shortcuts work because they run just fine if I assign them to a gesture, even the new back-tap. Unfortunately gestures aren't that helpful when I am trying to use my iPhone or iPad with a braille display or keyboard. It really interrupts the workflow to switch to using the screen. After all shortcuts are for making things efficient. I'm also running out of possible gestures, so I want to save them for really essential VoiceOver functions.
If anyone has some advise about this please let me know. I would like to know if this is a problem everyone has, or if it's just me before I write a bug report to Apple.



Submitted by Alan on Thursday, September 24, 2020

Hey! I never used a keyboard before, but recently I purchased an iPad, tried to the same process an it doesn't work neither.
I assumed it was an ios 14 bug or something. Commands work with gestures, not with sohtkeys. Very anoying.

Thanks for letting me know. I'm much more motivated to write a but report to Apple when I am not the only one being annoyed by something.