Ios script/shortcut for voiceover and screen brightness

iOS and iPadOS

Could anyone help me? I would like to have a script that turns off voiceover and sets the screen brightness to 50% and the second one for turning on voiceover and setting the screen brightness to 0%.



Submitted by tripolice on Friday, October 9, 2020

If auto brightness is not turned off, turning screen curtain on with three finger tripple tap takes the brightness to zero. You may need to lock the device once after turning the screen curtain on. Now, using tripple click home button or side button (device specific) would turn off voiceover and effect the screen brightness back (though not exactly 50 per cent), and again turning VO on and locking and unlocking the device would effect the brightness back to zero.


Submitted by Laura Tosetto on Friday, October 9, 2020

I didn't know the fact that turning screen curtain on if auto-brightness is on sets the brightness to 0%. Thanks for the info. However I couldn't get it to work the other way around: turning off VoiceOver and locking and unlocking the device doesn't seem to turn the brightness back up, at least for me.
But since the original poster asked for a script or shortcut, I slightly modified the one I use myself for the purpose of setting the brightness to a reasonable amount to let someone sighted see the screen and turning it back to zero, adding an action to turn VoiceOver on and off accordingly. It works with if actions, so you have both actions in one shortcut. If you run it when the brightness is at 0% it will set it to 50% and will turn VoiceOver off, and if the brightness is higher than 0% it will turn it down and activate VoiceOver.
Here is the link to the shortcut:
Hope this was what you were looking for.