individual message tones for contacts and getting rid of conversation view in messaging

iOS & iPadOS

Hi, can you set different message tones for different contacts? if so how? Can you get rid of conversation view in text messaging and have it just show single messages? thanks.



Submitted by Pyro2790 on Thursday, September 7, 2017

Yes you can set individual text tones for contacts. This can be accomplished by going into phone or contacts, tapping on the contacts. tab, find someones name such as: Alex, double tap on the edit. button, swipe to your write, until you hear text tone. By default your contact will be set to the default message tone. by double tapping on this option you can set a tone you would like for each individual contact. When you have finished select the done button in the upper left or the cancel button if you do not want to make changes. As far as conversations go, your texts from a contact will be displayed in a conversation view. That is how it has always appeared on IOS. Each contact has a message thread to keep things organized.