How do I transfer music to my iPhone via iTunes 12 and JAWS 15

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Hi everyone

I have many files on my computer in WAV-format, and now, I will select some of the files and transfer the content to my iPhone via iTunes 12 on Windows 7 64-bit.

On my computer, I have placed the albums in folders with the name of the artist, e.g. Robbie Williams>Intensive Care.

How can I transfer this album to my iPhone?

If I go to iTunes, and select files>add folders to the library, I fine can find the folder with the name "Intensive Care", but after I have added the folder, i only can see "unknown artist" and "unknown album". When I press the application key and try to let iTunes find the titles, the program told me that I first should import the files into iTunes.

Thanks in advance for the answer.




Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Try this...

First open up the iTunes app. This enables iTunes to process your materials faster.

Next, go to the My Music folder and copy the music you want to add to iTunes with a control plus C.

Then, go to the My Music folder, iTunes, iTunes media, Automatically Add to iTunes. Paste your folders here and let iTunes add them into its library.

iTunes will search the internet for the appropriate info pertaining to the album. If its successful, you will be able to find the artist by name. Otherwise, you will find your album in a number of places inside the iTunes music, which is located in the same place as the Automatically Add to iTunes media folder. You may see the music located in Compilations, Various, Various Artists, or Unknown Artists. The albums may or may not be labeled as something you recognize. Hopefully, however, you will find your album nicely labeled under the appropriate artist name.