How do I copy and read characters in posts?

iOS & iPadOS

There is a app menchened in a post I have red, I would like to copy it’s name and look it up and the App Store. Can this be done with my iPad?



Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Sunday, December 1, 2019

Find the post, navigate by word or line whatever works for you. To chanhe navigation stpin the rotor with 2 fingers, until you hear the choice you want to navigate by. Once you find the app name, spin the rotor until you hear text telection. If it's not already on your rotor go to settings, accessibility, Vo. rotor & double tap with 1 finger 2 select/add text selection. Then when you're @ text selection, select charicicters, then swipe right with 1 finger until you have selected the app name. You can also select word selection & do the same thing mention above. Then go to edit & select copy & double tap with 1 finger & your good to go! Then to paste it go to the app store & the search box & tap on it, & then spin the rotor to edit again & select & double tap on pate with 1 finger & the app name is pasted into the search box! Hope this helps!