Facebook Messenger is driving me insane! Is anyone else seeing this lately?

iOS & iPadOS

I'm having a really really weird problem with Facebook Messenger. Let me be very very clear here in clarifying this. I am speaking of the Facebook Messenger app, *not!* the native Facebook app itself. I'm talking about the app used with FB to private message people back and forth.

So, in the main screen, I see a list of all messages which I currently have ongoing from different people. So let's say for example I have two threads. One from John Smith, and one from Jane Doe. So, I double tap one of those threads. Doesn't matter which one, either would prove my point. Now, all of a sudden, I'm either typing away with the on screen keyboard, BSI, a hardware keyboard, or voice dictating. It doesn't matter. The bottom line is, I'm inputting text into the chat's thread's text field. While typing, or whatever method I choose, an incoming message from the opened thread arrives from the other person. Boom! The thread closes at random, and I'm returned now to my main screen with the list of all active threads. If I double tap to reopen that thread, everything up to that point I typed is gone. It's not just even happening when an incoming message arrives. I'm finding that sometimes just totally at random the conversation thread closes all by itself mysteriously. It's totally bizarre!

I've only noticed this since iOS 14, and don't have any devices still on 13.X to test with. Everything I have is updated to 14 non-beta build. I said I've been seeing this for a while. that's true. I've been beta testing the dev seeds of 14 for quite some time, so yeah, it's seems like the last 2 or 3 Messenger updates have had this issue. I can't say more though than that prior to the 14 release officially on the 15th, as though we're past that beta cycle, I still might be governed by NDA, so I don't want to breach Applevis's terms with that, and right now, I'm treading on thin ice with this, so I won't say more.

Point being, Either in 14 official release, or before in iOS 13, has anyone over the last few Messenger updates seen this, and if so, do yall know any work around? This is absolutely driving me crazy!