Facebook and commenting: Is there an easy sollution to my predicament?

iOS & iPadOS

There is a live Facebook video chat which I attend regularly 4 times a week, and am extremely extremely heavily involved in. I'm not the host, and have nothing to do with the audio or video side of it. I simply just attend and post my comments.

Here's my problem.

Often, once the show is over, I go back to the video to look at the comments which came in during the show. Usually they are read aloud by the host, but sometimes, I do miss things. It's beginning to get to the point of being crutial that I keep track of the comments, and respond as I see fit, even if that means after the show.

Once the video is no longer live, and has been posted to this person's Facebook page, if I go in to look at the comments which took place during the show, as soon as I open the post, the video archive starts playing.

this is incredible distracting when I'm trying to use Voiceover to read/scroll through the comments that came in during the show.

So, once the post is up, and the video is playing back, is there a way without totally leaving the screen that I can either keep the video playing, but somehow just mute it without muting Voiceover and other iOS audio, or if not, can I just pause the video entirely once it starts playing, then leave it paused while I look through the past comments attached to the video?

Hopefully what I'm asking makes sense.