Experience using the Intuit GoPayment card reader and app?

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Hello all
As the subject says, I am atempting to use the intuit GoPayment app to process credit card/other forms of payment. It looks quite accessible, not all items are labeled properly but with some trial and error, it's easy to figure out what is what. I signed up for a free account through the website and chose to receive a free card reader. Unfortunately after it was shipped, I realized that it would probably be connected through the headphone jack, since most card readers send audio signals. In looking at the website though, I did notice what might be one model that uses bluetooth. I have not received the reader yet but if it is the headphone model, I will definitely contact them to see about purchasing any other models they may offer. Has anyone else had success in using any of the above?



Submitted by Ted Drake on Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier.
As you probably noticed, GoPayment's card reader uses the audio jack, which is not compatible with VoiceOver. It's the same limitation as Square, PayPal, and other audio jack based devices.

GoPayment allows you to scan the credit card with your phone's camera. Obviously this doesn't work well when visually impaired, but I did test this with scanning stations that let you place your phone on a platform and set the credit card below. These scanning stations also work well with w2 forms, checks, and other documents. Using the camera, you can get most of the credit card information, but not the verification code on the back of the card.

You could also type in the credit card information, but this is understandably not the most accessible solution.

Mophie made a card scanning case for the iPhone 4 that worked very well, but it was not updated for the iPhone 5 or 6.

Wiretap makes a headphone splitter that separates audio in and out. This works with Square and Paypal, but we are looking at this for GoPayment.

I would also suggest using bone conducting headphones, such as AfterShokz, which allow you to listen to VoiceOver while still having your ears available to customers.

JJ Meddaugh, of @ATGuys, and I are working on a presentation for #CSUN15 that explores small business tools. I'd love to get your <a href="mailto:ted_drake@intuit.com">feedback</a&gt;.

Submitted by Deb on Thursday, January 1, 2015

I am a small business owner and would also be interested in any info which would allow processing using VoiceOver.

Submitted by Ted Drake on Friday, April 5, 2019

Hi Deb.
GoPayment introduced Bluetooth card readers in 2017. These work perfectly with VoiceOver and allow you to use chip and pin cards. They are available upon request from GoPayment.

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