Downloaded alert tones coming and going

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I hope somebody here can help me with this. It's a little complicated, so stay with me.

I have bought several alert tones from the iTunes Store, and have assigned some of them to specific contacts. However, after a while my phone reverts to the default SMS sound for that contact. This is both annoying and frustrating, especially since I did manage to get my phone to use the downloaded tone for a while, but I don't know how I did it. I thought maybe a hard restart would help, but it didn't when I tried it today.

Have any of you experienced this problem, and have you found a solution or read something somewhere? Greatful for all help! Thanks in advance!




Submitted by MarkSARCH on Thursday, January 1, 2015

The latest iOS version 8.1.2 has fixed the tones issue
Just wondering what ios version are you running?
If you are running one of the previous iOS version Should you update it to the most recent version.
If you have all the tones you bought before you can see under
Settings // sounds
It makes easier to assignate tones to specific contact.
Phone -- contacts --
However if those tones are not on the device possibly are in iTunes library
Just have workaround to sync those tones to the ios device.
If the recents tones are not under iTunes library or iOS device should contact Apple support and they give to you the credit for.

Thank you, but I already updated my phone to iOS 8.1.2. That's why I find this so confusing. The tones I bought are showing up on my phone, and when I check inside the contact's message tone the sound I want is selected, but when I receive a message from that contact, it's still the default "bing" being played.

If someone can help me find a solution to this I would be very happy. :)