Is ColorSay Still Available?

iOS and iPadOS

Hi everyone. Subject line says it all. Last summer during the peak of the pandemic when I was camped out at my parents' place, I had some time to kill so thought I'd download the books that the National Braille Press so generously made available for free. One of those books was "Getting Visual Assistance with an iPhone" written by Judy Dixon. In it she mentions an app called ColorSay, which apparently plays musical tones to indicate color and has some other cool features. I believe she also gave out the website, and I'm going to try and re-download this book. But when I looked for it here on AppleVis I couldn't find it. I only found a free app called Say Color, which doesn't seem to be that good or something. So does anybody still have ColorSay and if so, why was it removed from this site? I'm happy to hunt it down in Judy Dixon's book, but am just rather curious as I want to use this app in particular for identifying matching clothing.



Submitted by Ekaj on Friday, July 30, 2021

Thanks for your quick response. I must have been in a hurry again and mistyped something. But I will revisit the topic to which you linked here.