Apps to measure blood pressure, pulse and oxigen saturation

iOS & iPadOS

Hi all!
I wander if there is any satisfactory app to measure blood pressure, pulse and oxigen saturation by using iPhone without Apple Watch.
Thank you in advance for your answers!



Submitted by Troy on Sunday, December 6, 2020

I'm not sure about oxygen but there are apps out there that do measure blood pressure and palse, however most apps do require third party hardware such as a blood pressure cuff. One I use is called qardio, it is very accessible and I pair it with my qardio arm blood pressure monitor. In fact there is a podcast on applevis regarding this particular app and the qardio arm device itself. Another one which measures your heart rate is called heart rate monitor, this app measures your heart rate only by holding your finger over your phone's camera for a few seconds. This was accessible although I've not used it in a while.