Apple news app and iOS 14.0.1

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Is it just me, or does it seem like the news app for Apple's news is less accessible.
I read downloaded the other day to follow some information, and find it very unusable.
The tabs at the bottom, do not say if they are selected I think it is today,Nice plus, following, and one other tab I do not remember. Maybe more. But today I got a news story, clicked on it. And it was as if the story was only half there. I could scroll the screen up a little bit, but it just feels like the app is very cluttered and shows a bunch of things that if you were not subscribe to, you are unable to read and less you have a subscription. It seems to me that the app used to be a lot more uncluttered. Do any of you find this an issue and if so have you found a better news application? It is just a little strange to me that Apple has put out such a Qatari clunky app.



Submitted by peter on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

I have noticed that there seem to be more headings that clutter up the listing and a few items in the list of News articles that just say "link". I have no idea what those are.

But in general I haven't had any issues with the News app in iOS 14. In fact one thing that has been fixed since iOS 13 is that, after reading all or part of an article, the "Back" button and other buttons geneerally at the beginning of articles do not disappear. I am glad to see this fixed.

I did experience a one time problem the other day when I would try to open an article and just saw the word "loading" but no article. I assume this was a temporary issue with the Apple server since all of my other web work was working fine at the time. Other than that, however, I haven't had any issues.