Apple Music and iOS 11, lock screen: bug or normal behaviour?

iOS & iPadOS

I have a question for AppleMusic regular subscribers.
From the main music app's window, if you double-tap and hold on current playing song's title, a pop-up will appear, asking to play, share, like, dislike, create station and whatever.
And OK.
But on the lock screen, the behaviour is different.
VoiceOver tells me, "double-tap and hold to show more controls", when I focus the current playing song's title but it does nothing, while a window telling me "play more similar content" or "don't play similar contents" -don't know the exact english translation-, appears when I double-tap and hold the rewind button, rewind which also works as previous track.
Is it a bug, or is it me being wrong and misunderstanding behaviour?
Should AppleMusic allow you to create a radio station, like, dislike, songs also from the lock screen?
Or at least, those buttons that appear double-tapping the rewind, are the equivalent of like and dislike?
What makes me angry is also that when you dislike a song from a created radio station, it continues playing till I press Next track; if that song is disgusting, and I dislike it, please change when I press dislike! (spotify is behaving like that, and Last FM did too).