Any tips to speed up spell checking with bluetooth keyboard on IOS?

iOS & iPadOS


I'm just messing about with my bluetooth keyboard and IOS11 and trying to get my head round the rather involved and poorly designed method for spell checking. I'm just counting keystrokes here, please step in if I've added something:

Firstly, after typing your beautiful, though flawed document:

1. Turn on quick nav (Left and right arrow key)

2. Tap up and left or up and right arrow keys together to locate 'misspelled words', this will be dependent on how you've set your rotor.

3. Use the up and down keys to find your misspelled word... But what ever you do, don't try to select it!!! That would be mad!

4. Instead, continue around your rotor until it says 'select'... But what ever you do, don't try and select this, because that would be bonkers!

5. First go up and then down until VO says 'Select'... And now you can activate the select button in the select rotor menu to select the misspelled word in a completely different rotor menu...

6. Now you have to track across using either your left or right arrow keys to find the word... Oh, no, you have to find 'replace', because, obviously after all the effort of selecting this spelled word we aren't entirely sure wether we want to replace it with the correctly spelled word, thanks apple for making sure...

7. Hit select and you are presented with a list of options.

8. Select the correct spelling...

And we're done... Okay, now for the 23 other spelling mistakes and typos...

... Suggestion, a shortcut key to find misspelled word and, at the very same time, a list of suggestions?

Utter nonsense...

If Apple are serious about making IOS devices the future of personal computing, they really need to sort this out. It is in no way intuitive, user friendly or efficient, all cornerstones of the original apple ethos.

But what are your views my fronds?