Accessibility of apps for redeeming and viewing Ultraaviolet digital copies of movies

iOS & iPadOS

I asked about this a while back, but I am guessing nobody in the community had any experience with Ultraviolet digital copies. AFAIK, the only two apps for redeeming and playing these digital copies are Flixter and Vudu. One or both of those also offer a service where one can insert one's movie in the DVD or Blu-ray drive and purchase a digital copy for a small fee. The question is whether or not the iOS versions of these apps are accessible. Unfortunately, a lot of the studios have signed agreements with the Ultraviolet group and have either sharply reduced the number of titles with iTunes as one of the options for redeeming one's digital copies or have stopped allowing iTunes copies at all. So, now being able to access Ultraviolet copies is no longer a convenience option, it is a necessity if one wants to get all of the digital copies one is entitled to.
Personally, I find this more than annoying. Not only do they disallow users from making their own choices about what service they want their digital copies onn, they are artificially inflating the level of interest in and success of their own service by simply cutting out one of the major competitors. That said, I would still happily sign up and use their service if it would allow me to not get gypped out of a signifigant portion of my digital copies. I just need to know if the apps are accessible and, if so, what I need to do to get the best access to the services. I would rather see the studios realize that their stance is not one that is friendly towards blind consumers, disallowing the service connected to software and hardware that has a long and solid track record of accessibility is not the way to give blind consumers equal access. But I will take whatever I can get and hope that they will give more and more over time.

any information or reviews would be greatly appreciated and if you have the time, contact the app developers about accessibility and the studios about allowing blind consumers to chose the service that has the best accessibility.