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Hi All, Does anyone have any tips or podcasts on how to use the Game Center? I'd like to learn about how to find friends, send them game challenges, and accept game challenges Also, does anyone have a nice list of accessible games such as in the field of music, wrestling, racing, and just overall fun games? I'm playing Trivia Tunes, and am still trying to figure it out, and would appreciate any help also. Thanks, Shane.



Submitted by Piotr Machacz on Thursday, November 15, 2012

Well, Game center is pretty simple. If you need help I'll gladly do a podcast in a day or 2, I just need to find my patch cable. AS far as finding accessible games, I can't help saying that, not surprisingly, this site is a great resource for this purpose.

Submitted by Shane on Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hi Peter, If you could do one, just a short one is fine. I'm especially trying to figure howcto play my gf in TriviaTunes within the GameCenter? Thanks, Shane.

Submitted by frank perry on Friday, November 16, 2012

Hi. Unfortunately, 99.99 percent of the game centre games are completely inaccessible for voice over users. Unless you have some sight or you have sighted people to help you, I would sincerely discourage you from using any games in the games centre and the same goes for adding friends and so on. I have mentioned this to Apple, but they do not consider this matter a top priority and as there are so many third party developers submitting games, Apple admits this is an extremely difficult matter to police. It isn't that Apple isn't willing to try to fix the many issues here, the problem is they don't know where to start as there are so many issues. People should remember most developers make their games with graphical interfaces in the hopes to attract sighted people. I'm not saying this excuses developers, the problem is there are so many game developers out there because the prices for developing applications are extremely cheap and easy to develop if you have the technical knowhow.

Hi Frank and Peter, If you get this in time Peter, don't go through the trouble of making a podcast on the Game Center, because Frank told me it really wasn't that accessible. I would like to know how or if there's a way to play games that are accessible with friends. The games I have installed on my phone so far, are TriviaTunes, and Funblast. I just haven't figured out yet how to play them other than by myself. If someone can tell me how, or recommend games that you can play with others, pleas let me know. Thanks.

There used to be an app in the app store called Blind Memory,but it seems to have been polled because I don't see it anymore. I believe that it was part of the game Center, and it was accessible.

Submitted by Piotr Machacz on Friday, November 16, 2012

Game center not being accessible? That's definitely not true. I know quite a few games that have game center support that are very accessible like lost cities, naval combat, stem stumper, etc. you can add me to your friends list, my username is pitermach. You can then view all games that I have installed. While it's true just going through the game center recomendations won't really make accessible games easy to find, as I said earlier this site has quite a few added to the directory, and most newer games now have game center integration. It also helps using common sense, as I don't see how you could make, say, a first person shooter work with voiceover without adding audio queues to it.

Hi Peter and All, So Peter, could you please explain a few things for me? First, how would I let's say play you in a game on Game Center? I see where you can send Friend request to play people, but once the friend request is accepted, I can't find a way to send them challenges to play the game. Secondly, how would I playTriviaTunes on Game C with someone? I tried finding some info about that shotgun game, but I couldn't find an area to download it, does that mean that it's no longer available? Just some overall tips on how to do the certain things within game Center is appreciated.

Hi, This is how I challenged friends, there might be a quicker way to do it, but this is how I've found to do it. In Game Centre tap on games You should see the game and your achievements,tap there. Tap on one of your achievements, Then flick right to challenge friends.

I've played a couple games with game center support, one of them being Naval combat, which is 100 percent accessible to VoiceOver users. Certainly there may be games that have integration with game center that aren't usable, but there are definitely some out there. See, this is where we get into this whole thing of one person says it's accessible, and one person says it isn't, and that leaves new users shaking their heads going, who do i trust here? There are also games out there like Hanging With Friends that don't have game center support, but they're accessible without a doubt. This is why I think it's really important that people be careful to say something like, I personally couldn't figure this game out, but maybe someone else can? If most buttons are clearly labeled and you're able to play without difficulties, that, to me is accessible. Maybe it's completely different for folks who use Zoom, maybe there's something visually about some games that just confuses people, I'm not sure because i only use VO.

Submitted by Shane on Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hi Maria, I clicked on my game TriviaTunes of which I have no achievments, then I found the play button, then my friend that last played a few days ago on her phone, but do not find the challenge friends to play that game of TriviaTunes. I find the challenge tab, but not a way to challenge friends how to play TTunes other than sending ppl friend requests.

Submitted by Clare Page on Monday, January 21, 2013

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Hi! I have several games linked to Game Center on my iPhone 4S, including Lost Cities and Roll It, but it wasn't until I started playing Lost Cities today that I actually had a look at the Game Center app itself. It's true that many IOS apps linked to Game Center probably aren't accessible, but it can certainly be used with the accessible apps which support it, and the Game Center app itself is definitely accessible as far as I'm concerned. I had no trouble adding some friends to Game Center, but at first I was unsure how to invite new opponents. However, when I went into the Games tab, and double-tapped on one of the games in it, I found the Play button near the top of the screen, and that opened the game. Using Lost Cities as an example, I can start a new game, then I see a list of possible opponents, with people on my Game Center friends list showing up as online opponents. Obviously, the method of inviting new players changes from one game to another when opening a game with the Play button after choosing it in the games list on Game Center, but I assume that I must add people to my Game Center friends list before I can invite them to play against me: can someone please confirm this?

Submitted by Piotr Machacz on Monday, January 21, 2013

Not necessarrly. Most games use a standard game center invite dialog, which has an auto match button which, as you might imagine, will try and find a random opponent. Roll it and naval combat for example use this. Lost cities seems to have its own interface for starting multiplayer games, which displays stats for you and any other players. And that seems to only work with any people you added to your friends list. Fair enough considering how many people play the game.

I've never reallythought much about the app game centre until i sore this post, i see the possibilities more clearly now. should people wish to add me, and ern me some friends my user name is audio star. thank you

Submitted by Rob on Saturday, May 10, 2014

This question specifically relates to the Kings Corner game, but I suspect that most multi player games work similarly.
Where does my friend go to accept my invitation to play a multi player game of Kings Corner?
I added friends via Game Center. In Kings Corner, I choose Multi Player game and select the friend I want to invite. I double tap the "Next" button and then send what appears to be a text message invitation to my friend. He hears the message come in. The message is identified as a Game Center invitation. But he cannot find the message. How does he accept my invitation to play?

Submitted by André Silva on Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hi everyone,

Are there any podcasts focusing on how to use game center with Voiceover or not? If these podcasts exist, could someone give me a list of these podcasts, please?
A warm hug,

Submitted by tunmi13 on Sunday, March 6, 2016

  1. (FREE) Dice World - Dice with Friends! (a dice game that comes with six games inside: farkle, pig, yatzy, threes, balut, 1-4-24)

  2. (FREE) SixthSense (audio game where you shoot zombies and see if you can beat all the levels)

  3. ($1.99) Audio Defense (basically like sixthsense, but more fun)

  4. (FREE) Solara (strategy based game where you take your heroes to battle)

  5. (FREE) Lord and Knights (basically same thing as solara, the downside is that on this game you can't watch your heroes fight)

  6. (FREE) Celtic Tribes (like lords and knights)

  7. ($1.99) Dice World (Paid version of dice world dice with friends but it still comes with six games; this has more features I think)

  8. (iPad Version: $2.99, iPhone Version: $0.99) Bop It™ (only supports game center on iPhone; like one of those bopit toys back in the days; ipad version is available but doesn't support game center)

  9. (FREE) Blindfold Crazy Eights with Friends

  10. (FREE) Blindfold War

Please note that my prices might be different from yours depending on where you live. Since I am in the Nited States here are the prices in the U.S. app store, but the prices for you may be different.

Submitted by André Silva on Monday, March 7, 2016


Thanks for giving me such a good list of accessible games with game center support. How can I challenge someone for a multi player game of SpellStack? Could I challenge, say, Claire Page for a multi player game of SpellStack? Could I challenge someone from this community for a multi player game of SpellStack?