problems with choice of games products and ios6

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Hello everyone, I have played all the choice of games products (the free ones on the web and the ones you have to pay for on the iphone with voiceover) as well as their hosted games also made in choicescript but by others. I tried to download their newest game today however called city in the clouds but it keeps crashing on me. I redownloaded choice of the star captain that i have played before and that also crashes. I guess i played that when i still had ios5 so apparently there is something incompatible between choicescript and ios6 or possible the new updated voiceover version? I cant test these games without vo so cant say for sure what is to blame. Are there others also experiencing these issues? Thanks in advance Greetings, Anouk,



Submitted by Clare Page on Friday, October 26, 2012

I haven't had any of the Choice Of Games apps crash on me since I upgraded to IOS 6 on my iPhone 4S, so I'm wondering, what sort of i-device are you playing those games on? Perhaps that makes a difference as to whether the games crash or not..

Submitted by anouk85 on Friday, October 26, 2012

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Hello Clare, I am using the iphone 4. I have dutch as default speech language but switch to the english american compact voice samantha when i play choiceofgames products. As i said it all worked fine on ios5 but now it keeps crashing even after removing the game from the appswitcher and rebooting the phone. Greetings, Anouk,

Hi everyone, I got a reply from Dan F. (choiceofgames official) who says he encounered the sameproblem as me with his ios6 device (no further specefics provided). I am not particularly attached to ios6, i did install it though via over-the-air updates. Can i somehow rollback to ios5? (Sorrry i know this is offtopic, a referral to an article or podcast would be greatly appreciated). Thanks in advance Greetings, Anouk,