Introducing my A Blind Legend Playlist on YouTube for People Who Need Assistance with the Game

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Hello all,
So I've recently noticed, that on my "A Blind Legend" guides, and several other forum topics, people are struggling with a variety of scenes from A Blind Legend.
One that is especially common is Scene 25, where you have to sneak past the guards.
I decided it was time to make a change. So I recorded all the scenes of the game using my AUX cable, in stereo mind you, and I put it up on YouTube.
I hope that many of you will get a chance to listen to it and finally break free of those scenes you guys were struggling with.
If you would like to listen to it, here is the link to the playlist, containing all 3 parts, so you don't have to go scavenging for it.
NOTE: This is not in any way to promote or advertise. I don't do monetization on my channel anyway, haha.
All right, here's the link:
Please tell me if you have any issues opening it.



Submitted by tunmi13 on Monday, June 24, 2019

I've finally completed all descriptions of scenes for the 3 parts. They can be found in the video description.
However, Part 3's description was rather lengthy, so I had to make a TXT file and upload it to TinyUploader, a site for uploading files under 50MB, with no limits.
Anyway, to get back on topic, you can either view Part 3's description for the link, or you can access it here:

Submitted by tunmi13 on Monday, June 24, 2019

I've received a comment on YouTube, the individual is having issues with the link.
If you are experiencing similar issues, try opening the link and searching for ABL on the page. VoiceOver may say abul.
Once you find it, the name of the file should be as follows:
ABL Pt3 Disc.txt, short for A Blind Legend Part 3 Description.
If you still cannot find it after trying the above steps, you can read it here:
Scene 19:
Another self explanatory scene. You only have to fight in it. Take the demons out, and just be careful of the last one, her strikes are unpredictable. She'll sometimes strike twice in a row, other times separate strikes.

Scene 20:
Follow Louise into the shallow water, and get ready to run. Face the sound of the boat so you're prepared, and once the soldier warning goes off, start running toward the boat.
When you reach it, draw your sword manually, and a swipe up should slice the rope off the boat.
All of this has to be done quickly like I did in the audio. If you take too long, once you start paddling, they'll get to you before you can put some distance between you and the soldiers.

Scene 21:
It's time to row, row, row your boat, gently down the sea. Swipe up, then down to row the boat. Once the soldiers start using their bows, keep rowing, but also be aware of the arrows coming at you. Put up your shield to block them, then they'll eventually give up due to darkness.
Scene 22:
This scene's rather lengthy, so be ready. Follow Louise through the citadel, and you'll eventually hear PSST, hey, you can either ignore the woman, or do what I did in the audio, go and hear a familiar song from her. Something that goes like this:
I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want...
You figured it out? Well, go hear her out then!
Anyway, after that hilarious encounter, continue along with Louise until you have to fight some guards.
Fight them unsil they are dead. For some reason however, the last one doesn't fully die, he kind of stands there shaking on the left side. I'm not sure if it was a bug or intentional, but just keep striking until he dies, I doubt he'll lash out, at least that's what I've seen.
After the fight, follow Louise into the narrow streets, and soldiers will start patrolling. Run as fast as you can, making sure to center Louise, then slow down once she says so, or the soldiers will hear you out. Once the cart noise fades, you can start running again.
Follow Louise and stop when she says there's a patrol. Once he disappears into a room on your left side, start running with Louise again. She'll eventually stop saying "let's go," due to the fact that the streets are so quiet, and the soldiers can hear her out.
Once she says there are soldiers everywhere, head for the ladder leading up to the roofs and climb it. There's no special gesture for climbing, so just walk like you would regularly. Don't take qo long to go up the ladder, the soldiers are following close behind.

Scene 23:
Oh boy! Time for a rooftop chase.
Blake will automatically run, but you're in control of jumping from rooftop to rooftop, and blocking oncoming arrows from the soldiers with your shield. Like scene 8, to jump, swipe up.
Eventually, you'll reach a dead end, and you'll be surrounded by soldiers.
And this is where Blake gives up his sword to save Louise. What a nice father.

Scene 24:
You are in a dungeon. Louise is crying in one corner, but at this point she's not your main goal. Turn so you're facing toward the moaning noises, then run and slam the door with your body. Back up by swiping down and holding, then run toward the door and slam your body on it again. Lastly, back up and slam the door once more. A guard will appear with some sort of gun.
He'll shoot you, and then draw his Sword. Since you don't have a sword (remember you sacrificed it), swipe up to punch the guard out cold. And hey! Thanks for the sword!

Scene 25:
This scene has been the most hard apparently after searching AppleVis. I'm going to try and explain in as much detail as possible, but do also listen to the audio, it may help.
Follow Louise to the guard rooms. You can run the whole way there, but after that, you must walk slowly.
You can keep Louise on either side of you, left or right. I switched it up depending on if I was passing by a room or not.
Qy not to stop and turn a lot either, this will make you lose time and a guard will come and kill you.
Anyway, walk with Louise on your left or right, and once you here the scum word fly, be ready to start running.
Once Louise says hurry up, speed up and keep Louise on your left or right, and you should beat the scene. If not, just keep trying. You'll eventually get it!

Scene 26:
Just 2 more scenes to go, if you include this scene since you haven't finished it yet.
Follow Louise towards the banquet hall, but before you reach it, you have some guards to fight.
You may notice in my audio that I was striking them in turn. You don't have to do this if you don't want to, I was just enjoying myself. LOL
Anyway, after you take those guards down, Louise will start talking at normal volume again and direct you to the door leading into the banquet hall.

Before you go through that door though, it's time to fight Lord Stilton once and for all!
Watch out for his tricks. Sometimes he'll switch positions, pretend like he's going to strike, then quickly change back to his prior position and strike. Just take him down, and that's the last battle of his life. But you still have one more. Let's go take down that king!

Scene 27:
The final scene of A Blind Legend. The king is no joke, so get ready.
The king's fighting is split into three stages. I'll list them below:
In Stage one, he'll do what the regular enemies did back in prior scenes, taunt, strike, and change position. You can easily perform combos on him, and get him freshly bruised.
In Stage two, Thork will drop his sword and pull out what seems to be two matching axes. As you can probably phedict, he strikes twice now! And not like what the demon was doing in Scene 19, he's actually striking in one single turn.
Be careful not to get hit by these axes, and stay sharp as much as possible, performing combos and blocking if necessary.
Stage three is where Thork collapses to the floor, finally realizing how badly he's injured. He'll breathe heavily, and... don't let him regain his composure and strike the final blow! Take the chance to strike at him, or you'll have to do the scene all over again, and Thork will mary Caroline, and... yp, let's not even go there.
Once you deliver the blow of death, pat yourself on the back. You've completed the game!

Don't forget to try Hardcore mode. Not even sure why it's called Hardcore, it's not even that hard. The only difference I see is that in Scene 14, arrows fly faster, and enemies' traits are slightly increased.

Thanks for visiting my audio walkthrough of A Blind Legend. I hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did.

Submitted by Kris on Monday, June 24, 2019

Thank you so much for taking the time to play the game all the way through on video! This was very helpful.

Submitted by tunmi13 on Monday, June 24, 2019

Hey Kris,
I'm glad you enjoyed the playthrough. Don't forget to look at the videos' descriptions for any scene help you need.
Part 3's description can be found in comment one. If you have issues, looking in comment two.