VoiceOver not reading notifications in iOS 9.1


I upgraded to an iPhone 6s Plus and I bought a simple case with a door to protect the screen. I have been encountering a very strange problem. When the screen is locked and I close the door that protects the screen, I can hear the sound that alerts me of incoming notifications, but VoiceOver doesn’t read them. If the door is open, VoiceOver behaves normally and reads the notifications. Has anyone encountered this behaviour?


#1 Lock Screen

I think it's a cover thing. You see, some cases have a flap or cover that can be used to protect the screen, and when you close it, the screen locks automatically. It has the same effect of pressing the power button to lock the screen. When you open it back up, the iOS device returns you to your last action before you closed the cover. So, when you hear the notification sound and you are not hearing any speech and the screen is locked with the door closed, you will not hear any notifications being read aloud, and when you open the door, iOS will go to the lock screen and read out notifications. At least, it did for me when I get mail notifications and other activities. I hope this helps.

#2 This is not true


I have a case that protects my IPod touch and I have run across this behavior. In order to fix this problem, go in to accessibility under speech and turn on reading of notifications. It used to be that you could have certain notifications read. Not so much anymore. And yes, I am running the latest build that Apple has released.

#3 The cover I does not lock the

The cover I does not lock the screen itself.
Also Reading notifications are enabled.
This problem is addressed in the new devices 6s and 6s plus.

#4 Possibility

I don't know how long this has been implemented, but if you turn your iPhone face down and place it on a flat surface, the screen won't wake up when you get notifications, and VO won't read them in that case either. What's probably happening is that when your screen is completely covered, the phone thinks you've got it face down on a flat surface, and so the screen isn't going to wake up. If the screen doesn't wake up when you get a notification, you won't hear them spoken by VO.

#5 Automatic lock settings...

Maybe you don't have lock/unlock setting turned on.