Is There a Guide on How to Use iMovie for iOS with VoiceOver?

Hi all, is there a guide on how to use iMovie on ios with voiceover? Thanks


#1 Try searching the

Try searching the Applevis site. If not, you can try searching for iMovie guides in Hope this helps and good luck!

#2 Did you ever find a guide? I

Did you ever find a guide? I would be interested to

#3 Inquiring minds wanna know

Even if there isn't a guide, has anyone out there been able to use iMovie with voiceover? If it is doable, I don't mind figuring it out on my own and reporting what I find. Would love to be able to edit videos of the family.

#4 Its easy enough.

There are no guides out there that really help. The VO drag and drop commands make it possible to place transitions where ever you want them.
Imovie has a list of key commands that all work nice in the help menu
I am completely blind and produce fishing videos along with my own music. Feel free to explore my channel to get a feel for it.

It took me many days to figure this out but once you get it its easy.

#5 but answer came there none.

I think the answer is no. I am totally blind and at the moment I am using a mixture of audio and still pictures on my Youtube channel. I don't like this cop out and want to do better. I know people do make real videos on youtube without any sight. What I don't know is how. I know that, using a tripod, I could steady and focus the camera. Using a light ring or selfi light I could produce a good, soft, natural looking light at all times so that my videos would always look good. But how do I edit them to take out the phone talking, or any mistakes I make, or put in music, or anything else I want to do? This I don't know. We need a guide, or a podcast on this subject, we really do! Plese, can anyone help?