Show vo cursor on screen in IOS devices


I need to do a quick demo of voiceover for sighted people.

I need to know if voiceover cursor is shown on screen when voiceover is active and also wether it's possible to make voiceover write down in the screen what it is talking. I know these two features are implemented on Mac but do not know if they are implemented for IOS devices.
I have checked the voiceover settings and have found nothing specifically on these two features.



#1 VO Cursor

Yes, the VoiceOver cursor is displayed on screen when VoiceOver is active, just like on the Mac. There is an option in VoiceOver settings for a large cursor, which makes the cursor stand out more, more easily seen by those with low vision.

As for having the VoiceOver speech displayed on screen, like the caption panel on the Mac, that is not possible with iOS devices.

#2 Can you say nme what is the

Can you say nme what is the option I should adjust? I couldn't find nothing intuitive in voiceover

#3 Large Cursor setting

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Go to Settings>General>Accessibility>VoiceOver

The very last option on this page is Large Cursor. Turning this on will significantly increase the visibility of the VoiceOver cursor.