processing credit cards with square under IOS

First, a bit about square.
Its a program which allows individuals or companys to process credit cards securely using your iPhone or iPad. They take a small percentage similar to paypal. If we can figure out what needs fixing, and get them to fix it, this is a really viable solution for blind people to take credit card payments at home, or on the go, without huge gateway and virtual terminal fees. From reading the twitter account, they do seem to respond to users. I'm hoping we can collect a few notes in this forum thread and contact the developers with a specific list of fixes, to see if they are interested in fixing the app.

more info on the app can be found at:
itunes app store:

First, it seems as if when you swipe across the screen, things activate almost as if voiceovers not loaded. For example, sometimes the notes field is open and sometimes its the screen where you enter the dollar amount. I cant seem to make this work consistently.

after getting the amount filled in, you press the charge button and the card button.
at this point, you are in a screen where I think, you enter the card number. When you try and enter digits for the card number it makes the voiceover error sound.

I'm wondering if anyone can verify this this behavior.?


any progress

Given that this post is over a year old and given that noone ever responded in this forum to your initial requests, I wantede to ask you whether you are aware of any progress in making Square more accessible?