Problems with keyboard shortcuts since updating to iOS 12

I'm using and iphone 6 plus and jusgt upgraded to software version 12. Before I upgraded, I'd b een having minor problems with the shortcuts not working. Now, shortcuts don't work most of the time. When I'm trying to issue the VO command with a key, sometimes Vo works when I use cmd and function; sometimes t works by using alt and function. I don't know this changes back and forth.


#1 Re: Problems with Shortcuts not working in iOS 12

I had exactly the same problem on my iPhone 6 after upgrading to iOS 12. I could rarely get my shortcuts to work with Siri and VoiceOver. Often Siri would say something like "there was a problem with the shortcut". The only way I could get my shortcuts to work reliably was to open the Shortcuts app and run my shortcuts manually by performing a single finger double tap to activate them.

Last week I upgraded from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone XR and I have had absolutely no problems running any of my shortcuts by speaking them Siri. The shortcuts run in a flash with no difficulty.

Maybe the problem with shortcuts is with the older phones. At least that was my experience.

BTW, the iPhone XR is incredibly faster than my iPhone 6. I wasn't going to upgrade but the screen was peeling off my iPhone 6. I am extremely happy that I did upgrade, though, since this XR is terriffic and really snappy!


#2 Keyboard

I am sure he meant keyboard shortcuts, not the app shortcuts. I don't have the keyboard issue you were describing.