My Notification center doesn't display weather and stock information

During Thomas's IOS 7 podcast on the notification center, the weather and stock information displayed as it should. However, when I look for it, I hear voice over say weather and stocks and then the word link. I double tap and nothing happens. the information should be read as you swite to it but that is not happening. Both are on in my notification settings. Any thoughts?


#1 You need to double tap the

You need to double tap the all day for the weather to show up.

#2 If you go into Notification

If you go into Notification Center within settings, you should be able to turn Stocks to on if you sort the apps manually.

#3 in notification center weather and stocks do not execute

Weather and stocks are on in notification center but, they are grayed out links according to a sighted friend. Nothing happens when I double tap. I am not the only one having this problem although it seems to be hit ande miss. I've talked to other blind iPhone users some of whom also have this problem.
I'd sure like to be able to fix it. I've had no solutions that worked so far.

#4 Yes. Totally the same

Yes. Totally the same problem exists here. The weather service is perfectly accessible for the phone as the weather app and siri both know the weather outside.

#5 weather and stock notifications do not display

For some reason it doesn't effect everyone. I think its a bug! If I get anywhere with an apple discussion, I'll submit here.

#6 open the weather app

you need to go in the weather app, and tap on the top left corner. it is to the left of the hourly forecast, then double tap on that. then close the app. go to the status bar, do a 3 finger swipe down. double tap on the today button, you should see the weather. don't worry about that weather, stock link. it is worthless I don't know how to get the stocks notification to show up, because I don't use it. hope this helps.

#7 I actually have the opisate

I actually have the opisate problem. If I turn weather off in location survices, it does not show up at all, but I have 6 cities and when I have location on it shows me in the wrong place and so I do a 3 finger swipe left until I get to my city. Although I can see it from the weather app, it still shows the wrong location in the notification center. it never changes. Even if I turnit off in location settings. I can swipe but the weather app disappears compleatly from the notifications center unless I have it on in location. I hope this makes sence. It doesn't to me and I'm typing this lol!


#8 weather and stocks do not display in notification center

the solution did not work. Let me make it clear that I do see the titles for weather and stocks while in the notification center. But, I can't see the informaton and details because double tapping does nothing. Its grayed out! All worked well in iOS 6 so I believe this is a bug which I and others are experiencing. Not everyone is having theis problem.

#9 Possible Solution?


I was having the exact same problem. I went into settings>general>privacy>location services. I scrolled down and turned on the stock weather application. I then began to see the weather show up in my notification center. You have to leave this feature on though and allow the phone to determine your location everytime you open the notification center. One other item; you need to place your city, the city you live in or want weather information displayed in the notification center, in the first position in the stock weather app. Hope that this helps and doesn't lead to more frustration. -Andrew-

#10 I tried that and it sort of

I tried that and it sort of worked except it just gives me clark county, not the actual city I live in which shall not be named. lol! No matter what I do that's what happens. and I like my cities in ABC order. Ar eyou saying in this case this cannot happen?

#11 weather display

Hello mary,

My city is large enough to display a weather outlook for the city; maybe your city isn't large enough to do this and that is why you just receive weather for the entire county instead. That is rather strange as I cannot receive weather for any countys; just cities. I have no need to keep my cities in ABC order; if I did, the city I live in would not be listed first in the stock weather app. I just rearranged the cities and placed my city in the first position in the list. I know with other weather applications, unless your city is in the first position, you won't receive weather information about that city, unless it is in the first position. Fahrenheit for instance, will only display the temp, on the outside of the application, for the city listed in the first position, if you have multiple cities your keeping track of. You have to enter the application to see the temps and weather outlooks for all of the other cities. I'm not saying that YOU cannot do what you are doing mary, but I don't have a need to keep mine in ABC order and so I am not experiencing any issues with the way I have gone about the process. You still might be and I don't know what to tell you if this is the case. But if your city/county is displaying in the notification center with the correct weather when you place that city/county in the first position, you have a choice to make. Do you want your cities left in ABC order, or do you want to see the weather for your location in the notification center? -Andrew-

#12 possible solution, Thank You Andrew

Hi, I was so sure weather was turned on in location settings. It was in iOS 6 and I did not turn it off. I don't know why it was off in iOS7. In any event, it worked and now I have weather. I don't have stocks turned on so I understand why they are not showing in notification center and that's okay.

#13 Oh no my city is big enough

Oh no my city is big enough to display in the notifications center as it workedin ios6. Let's say I live in the city of "lost wages" so it is big enough, but it still shows clark. It did when in ios 6 so I turned off noticiations and went to my city and it stuck and showed. I'm OCD a bit and I have to keep *everything* in ABC order right down to the folders of my ios device and all file names. lol! I'll try this though. It can't hurt. lol!

#15 Don't know what to tell you

Hello again Mary,

I'm sorry that you are having this issue and I have run out of advice for you. I just know that I have the weather app turned off for app refreshing in the background, but I have it turned on in location services and I have my first city, the city I live in, in the first position of the cities I want weather information about. The weather application is correctly displaying in the notification center when I launch it. Because I don't have app background refresh on for weather it takes a minute to update the information for me because it has to make sure of my location first before displaying that information at present conditions for my location. If I had the background app refresh also on for that stock weather app, I'm sure that when I launched the notification center that weather information would update instantaneously, but I want to save battery life, that is more important to me then having to wait 15 seconds or so before this information is refreshed in the notification center. John, did this work for you? Did you get your info to display finally? My solution worked? -Andrew-

#16 Thanks to your suggestion, it now works!

Yes it now works and I'l turn off refresh to save battery.

#17 Strange Can those that hear

Strange Can those that hear the file I posted of the issue chime in and see what I'm doing wrong. I did try the suggestion and app refresh for me is on but that's because I live in a flood prone area. So why is the suggestion to working for me at all? It's very very odd. Oh yeah and I did try restoring as a new phone and it didn't work. The restore did but the weather app was and is still broken for me and a bunch of others. We'll see when ios 7.0.3 comes out in about 1-2 weeks if that fixes this issue.