linking services on Files app

Hi all!

Well, after a rather long wait, I decided to pull the trigger on upgrading. Things seem to be ok. There are just some things that I'm trying to get used to. And there's a few things I cannot figure out yet such as the QR. Code reader on the camera. However, I do have 1 question about the Files app that's really bugging me. I use the Microsoft Word app on my ipad. Well, I went to try and link Microsoft's storage service, and couldn't find a way to do it. And everywhere I've looked says that OneDrive is supported. I'm debating whether to try and call accessibility support, but decided to try here first. How do I link my Microsoft account to the Files app on my ipad? Should I call accessility? Is any one else that uses the Microsoft Word app having this issue? Any help is appreciated. Oh, and I do have that service linked in the Microsoft app on my ipad, and I am running the latest version of the app as well.


#1 Ok, i don't have any

Ok, i don't have any experience with the Microsoft services but the way it should work is that you install the Onedrive app and it appears in files, at least that was how Dropbox worked.

If you've done that and it doesn't, try going into edit in the locations section and see if it's there and turned off.

Otherwise I'm not sure.

#2 It worked!

Thank you!! It worked! And I must confess, that is something I did not think of trying! I finally was able to link my account! And I can see my files and folders! Thanks again for your help! Cannot wait to play and explore!!