iOS 12.0.1

FYI. Apple just release update for iPhone. iOS 12.01 is out and I just installed it.


#1 Fixed regression?

Can anyone confirm that they fixed the regression that prevents opening notifications when you phone doesn't have a passcode or fingerprint ID?

#2 ern?

I thought that talking about beta software on here was restricted. Have they changed the guidelines?

#3 12.0.1 is out, you're thinking of 12.1

That's an easy mistake to make. I can't help the second poster with regard to the passcode because I always have had one.

#4 iOS 12.01

FYI. It is not a beta. I am not involve in the beta testing. Yesterday I check updates just fun and iOS 12.01 show up and I was ask to install.

#5 not a beta

It is not a beta. One thing that has been fixed is the bug that caused iPhones newer than last year's iPhone 10 to not charge when inserting a lightning cable. As for the behavior of phones that have no password, I don't see why anyone would be so careless to not safeguard their stuff, so I can't say if that bug was fixed or not. If you're smart, set up a password.

#6 Updating as I Type

Just started the update process. For some reason I wasn't notified via the auto-update setting, so it's good that a neighbor friend informed me last evening about this. It asked me for my passcode, which took me 4 tries to get right. I tell you, these really get ya every single time! But all is working thus far.

#8 The Notifications Bug is Not Fixed in iOS 12.0.1

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The bug where it is not possible to activate a notification if the user does not have a passcode set is not resolved in iOS 12.0.1.

#9 Thanks!

Thanks very much for checking for me.