high quality voices in Ipad

hi all.
anyone using I pad or I pad 2 and updated to IOS 5?
and if so, can you activate the high quality voices when using voice over? I've tried the I pad in the apple shop. and hwen I turn off the compact voices. and it does not show the high quality voices.
anyone havingthis issue?



I've updated my ipad 1 to IOS 5 and the high quality voices came on automatically and I really like them. In fact I can't figure out how to switch back to the compact voices. :)

On my iPod Touch 4

I love the new high quality voice. I wish they'd all come in this format. I have had no issues with VO sluggishness using it.


As you're talking about those voices I ask a bit OT question:
Is there only one high quality voice? (the U.S samantha?) on my iPhone 4 I've noticed this one only to be with good quality.

all the voices

hi all the voices have their high uality voice and compact voice.


Are those only for iPad? I can't find a high quality voice for my iPhone.... Or is it activated, and I just couldn't notice the difference?

High Wuality Voices

I have an Ipod Touch Fourth Generation and i've upgraded to IOS 5 and don't seem to have premium voices either.
There is no indication of high quality voices or compact voice settings under the accessibility settings.
How can I accquire the premium voices?