Facebook Messenger problems

Hello all,
Earlier today I was using facebook messenger just fine and now all of the sudden every time I open it it crashes. I have reset my phone using the power button while holding the volume down button and it still crashes every time I try and open it. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled it. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can try?

Greg Wocher


#1 Same here

I am having the same issue, my next step would have been to reinstall the app, but no need now since it does not work :p I am wondering if it is a VoiceOver issue or a Messenger issue... Are you using VO? If so, on what device with which iOs version?

Ios 10.2 on an iPhone 5s with VO here.

Edit: If you really need to use Messenger at the moment I would suggest using a computer, alternatively, you can send messenger texts by sharing webpages from Safari, haha.

#2 Same here

I thought that I was the only one having the issue. I have even tried turning off Voiceover and opening the app, but it crashes after staying open for a second. What iPhone are you guys using?
I had another friend test it on an iPhone 6S and it opens on it just fine. I'm on an SE but am having the issue. It was working just fine up until just a little while ago.

#3 Tried uninstalling/reinstalling, power cycling

Tried uninstalling/reinstalling, power cycling the phone. The issue still persists.

#4 iPhone 7plus

I am running it on a iPhone 7plus with iOS 11. Here is the really strange thing. I just installed it on my iPad mini2 running the GM version of the iOS 11 beta and it works just fine. This literally started happening to me about an hour ago. It was working fine early today on my phone with no issues.

Greg Wocher

#5 Update

Yup. I checked it just an hour or so ago too. Was working just fine. I'm on iOS 10.3.3 on an iPhone SE. I did a quick Google search and found this page on DownDetector.com which has thousands of people reporting that Messenger's crashing on their end too. However what's really weird is that it seems to be effecting certain people. There doesn't seem to be any pattern.

#6 Suggested solution

A suggested solution is to uninstall both, your Messenger app as well as the Facebook app. Then reinstall. I did so and it works fine now.

#7 Interesting about reinstalling both

Maybe that is why it is working on my iPad since I had to install both the facebook app and the messenger app. I don't know if this is a VO bug though. I turned off voiceover and had my son try and open messenger with the same results. The app crashed. I will try uninstalling and reinstalling both and see what happens. I wonder if this might be because of the way iOS does the sharing now.

Greg Wocher

#8 The bug isn't Voiceover specific

The bug isn't Voiceover specific. Its happening to a lot of people all over the world. Furthermore, its happening on versions of iOS 10 as well.

#9 Had the same issue with messenger before updating to IOS11

Friends of mine who our sighted are reporting the same problem with their messenger application.

#10 Messenger crashing...

Yes exactly the same here. I tried everything but reinstalling facebook and messenger fixed it. So must me something going on. But was the same on 10 and 11.

#11 Also having the same messenger problem on my iPod touch.

When I received a Messenger notification and when I opened it it crashed and I uninstalled the Facebook app/Messenger app and I reinstalled both but messenger still kept crashing. I’m going to submit a bug report to Facebook about this.

#12 Crashing

Probably not related to this problem but messenger has crashed for me since iOS 10 when ever someone calls me from it or sends certain attachments. That also necessitated re-installation.

#13 Uninstalling

Uninstalling and reinstalling both facebook and messenger did the trick. Messenger is working now. This issue is an odd one for sure.

Greg Wocher