Can someone recommend an iOS weather app for listening to NOAA weather radio broadcasts?

Hello, I know quite a few apps provide forecasts and alerts; I have enough of those and really want to find one that lets you hear NOAA weather radio broadcasts throughout the United States. Does anyone have any recommendations? Please include the company name/app developer name if possible since so many apps have similar names. Thank you.


#1 I have been looking for one

I have been looking for one of these too. It would be great to have.

#2 I use this app

Scanner Radio Deluxe has a number of the NOAA weather broadcasts... (they used to have more until weather underground stopped supplying them with their broadcasts). But they still have a fair amount of NOAA weather radio stations. I do not know who the developer of the app is. Hope this helps.

#3 be aware!


I agree with the previous poster that Scanner Radio Deluxe is a great app to use for this. However, you should be aware that they have a very limited number of NOAA. Weather Radio stations. So, if they have one for your location, then I'd say you are golden. However, if they don't which turned out to be what happened in my case, then I'd advise you to keep searching for another app. I also agree with you because I've been looking for an app that does exactly this. Where I live in my state, the weather is pretty unpredictable so it's essential to have a weather radio if not an app.

I hope this helps you!

#4 Hi,

Because Wunderground have pulled there NOAA radio broadcasts, I've found that it's virtually impossible to find a NOAA radio app. There used to be one called NOAA weather radio, don't remember the debs name, but it wasn't updated in years, so I deleted it. I'll be honest here. Good luck finding an app that'll meet your NOAA radio needs. I'd suggest purchasing a good weather radio, as I currently don't know of any radio apps that have these broadcasts anymore. The NOAA app i mentioned earlier did have my local broadcast, however I highly doubt the scanner app prev posters were talking about will have your local station. I could be surprised, though!

#5 My solution to weather radio

I found a link that streams my weather radio on i then added the safari link to my home screen.

#6 clarification of my Weather Radio request

I should be clearer; I am not looking for my local broadcasts; I already have a weather radio for this purpose. I want to listen to broadcasts in places where family and friends live and sometimes just hear broadcasts in places where I've never been or want to try to go. I want to hear as many stations throughout the country as possible. Thanks for the replies so far; it sounds like what I suspected is true, namely, that there is no good solution.

#7 Yeah, like I said earlier, I

Yeah, like I said earlier, I don't see any app that will let you listen to the NOAA feeds like there used to be. Weather underground is out, NOAA weather radio is gone, Honestly, besides either using the NOAA site or using whatever weather apps you currently have to get weather information read by VO, I can't see anything other than what you are currently using.

#8 There's an app called NOAA

There's an app called NOAA weather international, can't give dev name off top of my head, but it provides all NOAA weather info minus the radio feeds. Plus if it is outside of the USA, they've implemented the darksky service for locations outside the US.