app for buying clothes

Hi. I don't know if an app like this exists but I was hoping someone had a recommendation for something at least similar. So I was wondering if there was an app for buying clothes that would describe the pieces of clothing; color, design, ETC, and then let you buy them from the app. Thanks!


#1 An idea

I don't think there is an app like that, Paige. I've been able to get a good idea of what some clothing looks like on Amazon by reading all the comments for small details that people like or don't like. A lot of times the description of the clothing given by the seller at least tells you or lets you select the color and style. I've had to look up the meaning of some of the unusual color names, though.

#2 Amazon Mobile

I specifically like the iPhone version of because it's much faster to select color and size of a clothing item. I am a long-time JAWS and Windows user and sometimes Amazon via the PC still gives me fits. Enter the Amazon Mobile app. It's fantastic for accomplishing this task. As for a very detailed description of clothes, well, as the previous poster stated, that style of an app probably doesn't exist; however, again I will refer you to the Amazon mobile app. Beyond reading the description of something, I will often times learn more about it by reading the details of the item, along with the customer reviews.

Hopefully these tips will aid in your quest for clothing purchases.

#3 App delivery grocery by pay cash

I wish they a good app for delivery grocer in the future to pay by cash