Answering What's App calls

Hi! I don't know how to answer or decline a video call LOL. After calling him, I ggot my friend to video call me and I couldn't figure out how to answer. I checked the forum and found nothing. I guess no one else had this problem LOL.


#1 Magic tap

Did you try the "magic" tap (two finger tap twice)? It answers regular calls, not sure if it answers video calls from the app you're using but it's worth a try. Once you're connected you can use it to hang up as well.

#2 Yeah, I tried that.

I tried the 2 finger double tap like I do with phone calls and facetime but it didn't work. It started playng music. Thanks for the suggestion though.

#3 O.k I figured it out. My

O.k I figured it out. My friend and I tried again, single finger double tap in the top right of the status bar worked.Don't know if you can singl finger double tap anywhere in the status bar though.

#4 Magic tap works for me

Hmmmm… I will have to try that one. But, as far as answering WhatsApp calls, I always do it via magic tap. To hang up, I use magic tap, too. Cheers.