Peg Solitaire

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Hi guys, We have created a mobile peg solitaire game with steampunk sound, music and graphics. For those who don't know what peg solitaire is, it is an addictive, brain-boosting board game for one player where you try to leave the least amount of pegs on the board by means of jumping pegs over adjacent pegs. The peg being jumped over will disappear. For more information check out the wikipedia link below. wikipedia: The game contains 8 different unlockable levels and a facebook leaderboard where you can compete with your friends. We are completely satisfied with the game we have, however we are relatively new to developing games and we need your feedbacks. The game is already published for ios, android and windows phone. The links for Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone are below. Google Play: App Store: Windows Phone: If you have the opportunity to check out our game, we would be very happy to hear your feedbacks.


#1 But is it accessible???

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

From your post and the app’s description, I’m seeing very little that makes me think that this game is likely to be accessible with VoiceOver. However, as you have posted this to a website where most people will be VoiceOver users, should I assume that I am mistaken? It would be great if you would please confirm whether this game is accessible with VoiceOver, so that people don’t waste their money.

#2 Totally inaccessible

I've just purchased the iOS version of this app. The game is totally inaccessible with or without the use of VoiceOver. I have submitted this app in the iOS app directory.

#3 Apologies

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Well, I am terribly sorry about that. I wasn't aware that we need to post games for VoiceOver users here. I humbly apologise from the whole community.

#4 maybe you can make it accessible?

hi, I think maybe you can make it accessible even without voice over. but, have voice guideance then we can play it.

#5 Peg Solitaire

I'm hoping you'll be willing to find a way of making this game accessible to those of us who are blind or visually impaired. I had an actual board game similar to what I believe this game is, and I absolutely loved it. I'd really enjoy being able to play this game.

#6 I have faith in this developer

Hopefully this app will be accessible. Let's smile :) and stay in touch with the developer to have this app accessible in the future. I don't know if this developer is aware about VoiceOver and developing accessible apps? Let's see what happens.

#7 There's [lenty of

There's [lenty of documentation on applevis's site, none of which I understand as I can't program my way out of a corner, but if it will help devs gain knowledge then that is a very good thing. I'm not a solitaire fan, but still. Sounds like fun.

#8 Well, I will look into it as

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Well, I will look into it as soon as I have time:)