Introducing Madness' Daze, a new and accessible horror game for iOS and the Apple TV

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Hello guys!

My name is Tainara and I'm part of a iOS developing team in Brazil. We recently published a horror-themed game, base on H.P. Lovecraft's tales and it's fully inclusive.

We have our own narrative and 3D sounds all over the game, with instructions and tutorials on how to play the game. Since it's inclusive, we have it all made with rendered 3D images as well, so everybody can play evenly with friends, whether they have any kind of impairment or not.

That said, we would really love if you guys could test our game, and maybe, if you like it, spread the word to this amazing community.

Our main motivation in making this game was to make a difference in people's everyday entertainment, and now that the actual game is done, we're trying to make that happen! :)

Link to the game:
It's available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV.

We recommend that you play it with headphones on!

Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions.
Thanks in advance!


#1 I don't know if

I don't know if the game is worth buying or not. Hope some comments will appear here soon.
Take care

#2 Madness's daze.


The game is nice but there's a bug, when you get the equipment the tap and hold gesture doesn't seem to work at all.

#3 Too Hard

I can't pass the hallway.

#4 Lovecraft? I'm in :)

Thanks for mentioning this. I'm definitely interested in anything claiming inspiration from Lovecraft, so will be buying it presently. I'm looking forward to providing feedback.

#5 Interesting

I'll buy the game soon and write to you my feedback. :)

#6 I'll give this a try

I'm happy to have the chance to try a game on my new Apple TV; will get this installed ASAP and write more once I've had a chance to check it out.

#7 It's got potential, but...

I've downloaded this game both on my apple TV and my iphone 5S. I think the concept is great, but so far, I don't understand the gameplay at all. Am I supposed to disable VO to play? I couldn't move at all with VO running, but with it disabled, I could at least walk a bit. There's a place where it says something about items in the hall that might help me hide, and I have no clue what I'm supposed to do there. I tried to tap and hold, but nothing seemed to happen. I tried every other jesture I could think of, and again, nothing much happened, either with or without VO running. So, apart from walking up and down that one hall, I can't make anything else happen. I think there needs to be a more in depth tutorial, or some kind of command list. As it stands, I'm glad the game was only $0.99,. With that being said, though, I think this has a lot of promise, and if I can ever do anything to help you make it better, please feel free to contact me.

#8 Responding to Brad

Glad this wasn't just me. I could pace the hall, but tapping and holding, double tapping and holding, anything else I could think of didn't work for picking up the equipment, and again, this is true both with and without voiceover running. Maybe we're just missing something?

#9 Figured out the equipment weirdness

Okay, despite what it sounds like the equipment does actually work as expected. Tap and hold on the screen to hide. The problem is that the sound is muffled, but it's a very subtle effect and so quite easy to miss. It took a bit but I was also able to distinguish the heartbeat from the guard's footsteps.

Some thoughts: some kind of more distinct cue could be included when you hide.
I'm currently trying to navigate the maze of the initial corridors. It's very disorienting, but the effect is kind of spoiled because i keep getting caught by the guard. I'm wondering how long it takes to find new checkpoints.
Over all though, I'm enjoying it, even if I can't really see the Lovecraftian influence yet, except perhaps in the narration style.

#10 useless comment

Really? Without trying it, you don't know whether it is worth buying or not? Really, who does? Suggestion: If you can afford the game, try it and then give constructive feedback to the developer so that, if needed, improvements can be made.

#11 A word from the developers...

App Developer

Guys, this is awesome!
Thank you so much for all of your feedback. It means a whole lot to us.
I promise I'll answer each one of you tomorrow (or another team member will), but I'll let you guys know we're already writing all of these down and working on updates.
Again, thank you so much, you guys rock!

#12 Is there a way for the

Is there a way for the totally blind person to be able to play it without having the tv? If so, I'll buy it in a few days.

#13 I think it's also available as an iPhone app

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That's my understanding from the above posts.

#14 Try using...

Try using direct touch

#15 Hey brad, MissyHoppe, Armando and Zack!

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Hey brad, MissyHoppe, Armando and Zack!
Thank you guys so much for the feedback.
You'll know you're hiding when the sounds become muffled. Although, from what you guys have told us, that sound is very subtle, so we're working on improvements for that.
Also, for the visual part, we're making some changes so you can see when you're hiding, not only hear.

Soon we'll have some updates on the App Store!
Thank you so much for downloading the game and coming back here to tell us your thoughts!
We really appreciate it! :)

#16 Is there a way for the

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Ken Downey, yes, totally!
It works fully on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as the Apple TV.

Come back and tell us your thoughts on it when you do play!
Thank you! :)

#17 Re Useless comment

I'd actually have suggested that the developers get a beta group to test the accessibility of this before purchase. I'm certainly going to wait until it's ironed out before buying. I know it's not much but well, I don't really think paying to test an app is worth it. So, not a useless comment in my view as I agree.

#18 On the first level. Soon as I

On the first level. Soon as I hit start game the audio sound so lag It crashed on me. I use iPod touch fifth-generation

#19 No comment is useless! :)

App Developer

Hey oliverkennett!
Thanks for your consideration.
We actually tested the game in a closed group, including a totally blind friend of ours, and he gave us lots of insights before we released the game on the App Store.
We do believe it's totally ‘playable'; thing is, it’s a bit different from what people are used to and we know that'll be a bit uncomfortable at first. But with all these great feedback we’re building a better app for everyone! And even though it’s paid for, no app is ever “perfect”. In a bad case scenario, we’ll be sending updates and we do believe it’ll be worth the US$0.99 in the long run. Or, in the worst case, you can always ask for a refund! :)

#20 Hi I bought this game and

Hi I bought this game and like the idea but I keep going round in circles and can't get out of the maze

#21 Not interesting to me

This game doesn't seem interesting to me. Sounds aren't realistic at all, also the game navigation is tricky a bit, not good as expected.
The number 1 audio adventure game for this year is A Blind Legend. I've been playing it many times now and I still find it interesting, it is a high quality game with great immersive experience. Hope this game gets improved by time, it is not a horror game as described in the Appstore.
I think I am saying this because blind gamers aren't used to this kind of games and I'm one of them. I'm glad to know that this developer is very active and they'd really like to help. I'd love to see an update soon, after that I can give you my final review about it.

#22 how long is it?

how long please is the gameplay? if levels, how many?

#23 promo codes?

Hi all, i'm new to this forum so I don't know if I should post this there. But can you developer give us some promo codes? I'm only 11 years and My oparents don't wnt to spend money on games

#24 Awesome idea

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I like the concept. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to walk around, but no big deal. I'm having tons of trouble hiding and moving after hiding properly though. The gesture to hide is really blowing my mind. Do I double-tap (with voiceover) and then hold? It only seems to work sometimes, and yes I'm only trying where it says there's equipment... but I'm not sure I'm doing the right thing. Sometimes it does work, kind of randomly, and the guard sounds entirely gone, but when I let go, he wasn't. Little frustrated at the moment, but not ready to give up. It sounds awesome when it is all going smoothly. :)

Thanks for working with us, please ignore the occasional butt-head.

#25 looking forward to this.

Hello, sounds an interesting game. I will be sure to try it when I can create enough space on my iPhone to put iOS nine on there.

#26 Your words please

If you're not willing to respect others and their opinions, please respect the goal of this website. I don't think there is an occasional butt-head here, so please look at your words next time before spreading them out.

#27 Equipments?

How can I get those equipments to hide?
As I said, the game needs to be improved especially the game tutorial and game navigation. The sounds and sound quality must be better especially the narrator. I think this game will be popular soon if it gets better.

#28 to Khalfan Bin Dhaher

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Navigation is basically swipping up, down, left and right depending on where you want to go. When there's an intersection or a new hall, narrative will let you know about it.
While narratives are on, the game is paused, so be patient. :)
Equipments are left in the hall, it's basically just stretchers left there. You'll know you're hiding when sounds become muffled, but again, it's best if you're wearing your headphones as the sounds are a bit subtle.

The game can be a bit tricky in the beginning, and maybe blind gamers aren't used to that style, but also remember we tried to make it challenging for all publics, as it is an inclusive game, not exclusive! :)

All in all, please bear with us. This is a new market and our first try at it, and like you said, we're really trying to help. :)

#29 to Will

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So far, we only have one level (the asylum one), but soon we hope to be sending some others!
As it is only one, it's a bit long and challenging. :)

#30 to April

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Hey April!
Thank you so much for your comment! :)
The gesture to hide is just a 'tap and hold', even if VO is activated. The headphones are very important for this, since the sounds are subtle.
For the next update, we've already made this effect more obvious, so you'll have it soon enough.

Again, thank you and let me know if there's anything else troubling you!

#31 Sound on iPod Touch 5 after two installs echoes and crackles.

Hi. This game looks very interesting. Unfortunately, my sound seems to become distorted globally on my iPod, to the point where even Voiceover reverberates. Is it supposed to do this? Thanks, and I look forward to trying this out. I really like Lovecraft. :)

#32 Problem navigating

I've downloaded this game yesterday, and been trying it as I liked the sound of it when I read about it. This game most definitely has potential, and can be really good if worked on.
There's only one problem that I've been having, I really don't understand the walking mechanism. I'm not sure how to exactly walk around the building, I flick to the left and right, but no foot steps are heard, I flick up and down, and the person doews walk, but at some points she just gets stuck, and keeps saying where she can go from here, but I cannot direct her to where she says she can go.When she says she is at the end of a corridor, and that she needs to go back, you kind of get stuck and I don't know how to go back. OS I think more detailed guidance would be quite useful. Also, a more detailed tutorial could help as well as after I finished the tutorial I wasn't really aware of how to play.
Can anyone explain how to walk around?

#33 Update!

App Developer

Hey guys!
Since I'm not sure if everyone saw it, just passing by to let you all know we had an update last week on the App Store!
Based on your comments here, and some other feedback we had, we improved the hiding mechanics, among some other few things that make quite a difference.
So, take a look and let me know!

#34 Apple TV

Hi I bought an Apple TV today and have tried this game! I'm not getting much feedback and I can't workout if I'm moving in the game

#35 very confusing


I purchased this game today and am very confused. I managed to get out of the cell and walk down the hall, but I get confused. She says she has to go back and I don't know what to do. I'm able to find the equipment and hide, but that doesn't seem to do much good. I don't know how to go back or continue as it just seems to be a long hallway that ends. What's going on here? I think more description of the environment is required. I'm really confused. Any help here?