Help with huboodle

How to invite my friend to my ludo?


#1 Share the code

You can share the room code with your friend by speech or, writing an iMessage with the code in it or, sharing the code to the Ludo room. Hope this helps

#2 Code

Where do I find the code and where does my friend go to enter it?

#3 Room code

When you connect to the Ludo server, click on private game. Then select the type of game you want, for example, classic, or quick
There should be two options, join room, and create room. Your friend can click on join room, and enter the room code in the edit box that comes up. Another way your friend can join the room is if they go into the Ludo chat on the social tab, they can find your room and use the rotor to join. To create a room click on create room. The room code will show up along with an option to share room code into a Game room in the social tab. Also sometimes when you create a room, it skips the share page and goes into the waiting for opponents area. This is a bug and if this happens just restart the game and try again. If you still need help, you can ask in The Ludo room.