iOS 8 Serious bug for Low Vision Users in Zoom mode

This bug reduces the usability of the iPad while in zoom mode.
I had contacted apple as soon as I upgraded to IOS 8 back in Nov. 2014 but was told that I was the only user to report this problem. I bought a new iPad Air 2 with clean install and had same issue. The problem is also present on my iPhone 6 but to a lesser degree. After many months of calling apple and sending videos of the problem to multiple Accessability department customer service reps. I was finally told that this is a known bug but that it was not aknowledged, that there is no workaround and that I would have to wait until the iOS updates came out and hope that it would go away.
HERE IS THE BUG: When in zoom mode the touch screen does not track with the display.
This occurs when in full screen zoom. I also have other low vision settings enabled.... screen is inverted (the only way I can see an iPad), enlarged font, bold text, reduced motion,and any other setting that improves contrast. I have tried to selectively turn off each feature but the bug persists. It seems to be independent of specific apps and occurs in safari, photos, calendar, and other apple apps.
This bug was not present on previous versions of iOS.
What this means is that when a screen is zoomed so that it can be seen by a low vision user you cannot reliably use buttons or other gestures. Oddly, it is consistently inconsistent and there are times when the bug is not there for a few screen taps.
You may push a button but the screen responds to the left of your finger or sometimes not at all. You can zoom out and the button will respond but if you have 20/400 vision you can't see where to push. It is crazy making to not be able to execute commands when zoomed. Lots of three finger double tapping in and out to perform simple tasks.
I have duplicated the problem on an iPad 4 and two brand new iPad Air 2's. It has not been addressed by Apple in the last two iOS updates (now 8.4) even though there it was well documented and submitted to the developers in early 2015.
I have gone full in on Apple for my Accessability needs and don't feel like I can back out now but wonder if Apple is really committed to all users. if i could go back to iOS 6 I'd be thrilled but there is no downgrading allowed. I'm hoping that other users have seen this and can duplicate it or even better if someone has figured out how to work around the problem more elegantly than constantly zooming in to see and zooming out to push buttons.
If clarification is needed I can provide additional information.


#1 Zoom versus VO

I have been aware of zoom versus voiceover problems since my first iPad a couple years ago. Zoom and voiceover just don't seem to be compatible, I had to pick one or the other. It's the same on my iPhone which I bought about a year ago.

#2 Thank you

This is one reason why I am not updating my iPad Air from the ios 7 version it shipped with. I was forced to buy the Air after updating my iPad 2 to ios 8 at which time I could no longer use the accessibility features I had become dependent on as a low vision user. Thank you for posting and for your perseverance in reporting the problem. I so hope Apple will soon make available an ios that low vision users can run on all their devices.

#3 Zoom vs Voice over

Thanks for your comment. The Zoom vs. voiceover bug is well known and very frustrating but this bug that I have struggled with exists even when Voiceover is disabled.