IOS 7 - I somewhat hate it

things i can't stand about iOS 7 hi! my main gripes - I'm writing a text and want to pause my music, two thigner double tap, i get siri popping up. similarly, I'm on the home screen want to listen to music, whereas as two finger double tap previously would *always* just start my music or book playing, often nothing happens! i don't like the new phone keypad as can hardly ever seem find the delete key. it seems very small. I use my phone for work so dial clients numbers all the time, messing with this is unproductive to say the least. in safari, wher are the forward/back buttons? they appear to vanish when I'm browsing in general. There are loads of things I do like, such as control centre, scheduled updates, but the abopve really do take the shine off it all. Can anybody help or confirm experiencing any of these? Jack G


Safari navigation bars

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The top and bottom navigation bars in Safari are now automatically hidden once you start scrolling a web page. They will reappear when you scroll to the top or bottom of the page. Alternatively, a 1 finger double-tap on the status bar will also make them reappear.


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Hello Jack, Sorry, to hear that you are not liking some of the features you have mentioned. I think of them just a learning curve in what we have got used to in the previous iOS. Some things I could suggest in maybe helping you out a bit. You mentioned the Delete with in the Keypad tab of the Phone app is hard to find. Well, the one thing I have notice is that once you have entered any kind of numbers. The Delete button will then appear at the top right hand corner of the screen. So for me I just use my fingers to find that upper right hand corner and you will find the delete button quite easily. So try tapping on that part of the screen rather flicking left and right to find it. As for the two fingers two double tap to start your dictation is by far one of my favorite feature. It just so happened that you were in the text field when trying to submit a message to your friends. There is always the Control Center. With in there is a Media area to pause what is currently playing. I suppose you could always get the focus away from the text field. At this point the two finger double tap should pause the song that you were listening to. Lastly, you mentioned the Safari issue. This is also a feature they have created for the iOS 7. I do believe at some point. The Navigation does slide down to give the users a fuller page to read without the Navigation bar there. I'll be honest I forgot how to bring this up. Wasn't sure if I had to do a single finger double tap hold and swipe up or just tapping on the Address button at the top left corner if that doesn't bring everything back up. So hopefully, somebody has an answer for you on this. HTH

The delete button

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I can sort of understand the gripe about the delete button. After all, in every other iOS app the delete button has always been on the bottom of the keyboard. This was also true in the phone app up until iOS7. To put it way up in the top of the screen and so far away from where you are otherwise typing seems a bit strange to me.

Safari and the back and forward arrows

When using Safari in a web page, you can swipe on the screen edges to move back or forward. So if yiou want to go back a page, swipe on the left edge of the screen and if you want to go forward a page, swipe the right edge of the scene.

thanks all

thanks all for your feedback. if it were not for the issues with playing/pausing music I could live with everything else. I'm in control cenre, clicking play and nothing is happening. this means I have to then come out of what i'm doing, go in to music, and mess about selecting trakcs whre as previous I could just do a two finger double tap and what ever I was last listening to would play. can we still downgrade?

delete key questions

Did they move the delete key in all apps or just the phone app? Also, I heard that with touch typing on you still had to use the delete key as if you are in standard typing mode to make it work. Is this true? It is going to be strange trying to try to delete a number. I just know I am going to feel where the delete key used to be and then wonder what the heck is going on when I do not find it because I am one of thoes people that once they learn something one way, it is very hard for me to learn a different way.

swiping in Safari?

Someone said something about swiping on the left or right of the page to go back and fourth between pages. However, I thought swiping left and right moved between items on the screen. So if this now changes pages, what is the new way to move between items on the screen?


No. You can not downgrade anymore, because apple quit signing 6.1.3 and 6.1.4.

music issue with double tapping with two fingers

Hello, I think developers need to update there apps, because sometimes, double tapping with two fingers won't start or stop music, and sometimes, the "Play/Pause," button on Control Center won't work either. I've seen this issue on both Pandora and Spotify. Occasionally, with iTunes Radio as well.

Safari and the back and forward arrows

I was referring to swiping in a web page. Instead of using the back and forward arrows in the safari menu to move among web pages, you can swipe on the screen left or right.