iOS 7 and Older Apps

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Hi, I know iOS 7 isn't out yet, but there's something I've been wondering about. I'm considering purchasing an app, specifically the Scourby Audio Bible App, which hasn't had an update since November 2012. Do all apps need to be compatible with iOS 7, or will any that haven't been updated continue to work just fine? I've written to the developers of the Scourby app to see if it will be compatible, but haven't got a response back. I'd hate to have spent $20.00 for the app, only to find it won't work, but maybe I'm worrying too much. What do you think? Thanks. Yours Sincerely, Kelly Sapergia


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Hello Kelly, As always like you have done. The first thing I would do is contact the developer first. That would be your best bet. Remember that with any major release of an iOS some things will most likely break some functionality. Other apps may have nothing go wrong. So it is a gamble in my own opinion. Especially, an app that hasn't been updated in so long. Those apps that seem to get more frequent updates will most likely catch any kind of bugs once we hit the iOS 7. So those may be already have in the plan to release them in the coming weeks. I know a few are starting to trickle in. Some developers will wait until after the iOS 7 has been released. It will depend on when they will get a fix if one is needed and if they are still activivly still working on that app. For other apps. We just simply won't know until we get our hands on the actual iOS 7 to see if that app will work with out a hitch. I know this may not answer your question but I hope it will give you some observation of my thoughts. HTH

All Good Points

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Those are all good points to consider. I think I'll wait awhile to see if the app gets updated before I purchase it just to be on the safe side.

An app that did not get an update

Hello: I am having this very problem. Specifically, with an app called WunderRadio. It was a great app, but it seems to no longer exist, and it does not work with IOS seven. I am now in the process of trying to find other accessible radio apps such as this.